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2021/05/06 @ Club Wakuum

*Canceled* Silvan Schmid


CoroNation Live: Railroad Concrète / Project VO

@ 9:00PM :

@ 9:30PM :


Railroad Concrète

duo started by Heidrun Schramm and JD Zazie in 2017, based on actual train sounds taken from their personal field recording’s archive.
Fascinated by these sounds, that accompany their daily life, the duo plays with train noises, inner resonances, sonic landmarks, signals, social sounds and train station’s acoustic qualities. “Railroad Concrète” constantly develops the collected sound material in its compositions and sound installations, where the sound sources range from the concrete to the abstract, in perfect symbiosis.
The project has been presented in Belgium and in Germany and has been part Q-O2 art-residency program in 2018.

Heidrun Schramm:
JD Zazie:

Project VO

is an improvising duo between Antti Virtaranta and Rieko Okuda working since 2010. Their approach is handcrafted like their limited releases “glass hopper” (2012) and “プランクトン” (2015), which reflect the way they navigate the free improvisation landscape. The characteristics of the music is repetitive and broken rhythms. The combination of piano and bass has expanded to include viola and small electronics, which further push the duo to explore more colors and textures for their performances.
They actively perform throughout Europe and in Japan including collaborations with different performers. More recently Project VO was invited to do a week-long residency in Budapest collaborating with a large number of Hungarian performers.


CoroNation Live: Jukka Kääriäinen / Empire State

2021/04/15 @ ARTist’s

*Canceled* Cytokinin

2021/04/01 @ Club Wakuum

*Canceled* Denzler-Gerbal «Sbatax» -|- Railroad Concrète

2021/03/18 @ ARTist’s

*Canceled* Project VO


CoroNation Live: KING*FISH

2021/03/04 @ Club Wakuum

*Canceled* Olsson & Rubin -|- Emilie Škrijelj & Tom Malmendier : Les Marquises

2021/02/18 @ ARTist’s

*Canceled* Trio_io -|- odbooqpo -|- Tacet Tacet Tacet 

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