03.Oct 2024 ・ 20:00

Summer Break

As the warm embrace of summer approaches, we want to inform you that our concert series will be taking a summer break through October 03. We hope this season brings you joy, relaxation, and plenty of memorable moments with your loved ones.

Mark your calendars!

The exciting program for our new season will be revealed on September 9th. We have an amazing lineup planned, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Our first show will grace the stage on October 3rd, and we are eagerly looking forward to it.

However, we must share some important news with a heavy heart. This upcoming season might be our last, as there is uncertainty regarding continued financial support from Land Steiermark Kultur. We are deeply grateful for their support thus far, which has allowed us to bring wonderful music and performances to our community.

We remain hopeful for a positive outcome and are committed to delivering an unforgettable season. We appreciate your unwavering support and passion for the arts.

Wishing you all a vibrant and enjoyable summer!


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