chmafu nocords does not collect any more information than is absolutely necessary. Therefore the only required piece of information for a newsletter subscription is your email address. On the profile page you can – if you choose to do so – add your name. It is impossible to give us more information than that ;-))

You can unsubscribe at any time by either using the link in the newsletter or sending us a message

If you are a musician sending a proposal through our proposal form we only collect the most basic information that is necessary to process your proposal. No accounts, profiles or subscriptions will be created.

Your data will never be given to a third party. We avoid all contact with big brother. In case we use cookies or other data collection tools it is for no other reason than to make the website work and/or help you keep track of our concert program.

We strongly believe that opt-in is the ONLY rightful and ethical way. And that opt-out is criminal and dangerous!

We comply to these 4 principles:

Every time chmafu nocords collects an email address or any other personal information the subscriber must provide unambiguous consent for it. We never collect any personal information without your consent.

Our subscribers have the right to get the data we collect at any time. Therefore we give you access to a profile page where you can update your subscription and cancel it.

Subscribers can request to get completely removed from our list. This means not only to get marked as unsubscribed but being completely removed from our database.

In case of a data breach on our site we will notify our subscribers immediately if they are affected.