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Fresh and healthy live music.
Flavors range from free impro to contemporary composition,
from Jazz to Rock,
from “turn your head or you won’t hear anything” to
“bang your head or your ears will bleed”
and everything in-between…
plus surroundings.
Music for your ears!

Interpenetration is a concert series and festival for extraordinary and experimental music as well as interactive electronic art. The concert series was founded by Elke Murlasits and Harald Wiltsche under the name of Sonntags Abstrakt. Later it was curated by marufura fufunjiru (now maru miya) and from 2011 it was run by chmafu nocords and renamed to Mittwochs Exakt. In 2012 it was merged with chmafu nocords’ Interpenetration Festival to form what is now known as Interpenetration.

“Die wichtigste [musikalische] veranstaltung seit dem was in den 70ern im Forum Stadtpark passiert ist.” (The most important musical events since the haydays of Forum Stadtpark in the 70s), Bernhard Lang



Interpenetration is part of and supports Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur


Supported by: BMKOES, Stadt Graz Kultur, Land Steiermark Kultur, SKE