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2022/02/03 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Lorenzo Abattoir ・ Silvan Schmid & Thimothée Quost

Lorenzo Abattoir

Lorenzo Abattoir is a sound artist from Turin (IT). A key element of his work is the relationship between spiritual practices and unusual methods of audio processing.
During past years he recorded and released collaborative works with: Satori, Hermann Kopp, Phurpa, Giovanni Lami and played live performances in EU and USA.
He is the founder of Mare di Dirac concrete / field recordings collective based on the use of handmade instruments and analog electronics following the fundamental principles of Quantum physics.

Silvan Schmid • Thimothée Quost

The trumpet duo of Silvan Schmid and Timothée Quost creates music through improvisation and experimental composing with an imaginary concept that they developed together. They are currently working on a recording project and this will be their first tour.

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2022/02/17 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ° € 9

JSB Trio ・ So Sner – (Susanna Gartmayer & Stefan Schneider)

JSB Trio

Jürgen Berlakovich uses a specially developed DNA sonification software for his compositions and live-sets. The software is able to transform DNA sequences into sound and music on the basis of a genetic system called Codon. The DNA sequences thus become almost fully-fledged musicians and independently “play” various synthesizers and virtual electronic instruments. Berlakovich performs live together with drummer Stefan Voglsinger. Interacting with the various DNA sequences, they form an idiosyncratic musical trio that combines drums and bass and guitar riffs with diverse, DNA-generated electronic sound textures. The resulting music spans – depending on the DNA sequences, for example from mammoths, peyote, dengue and malaria pathogens, various mosquito species or even the SARS-CoV-2 genome – a narrative framework of its own, oscillating musically between melancholic jazz sounds, ambient textures, rock and noise.

So Sner

SO SNERs im kommenden Frühling erscheinendes Debüt-Album REIME (TAL25) vermag einem das Wagnis und Experiment in frühen Duke Ellington Aufnahmen wieder verständlich zu machen. Nein, sie spielen keinen Swing, nicht mal Jazz, aber im Duett mit den immer wieder auf afrikanische Rhythmen verweisenden Sounds der elektronischen Gerätschaften, schafft die Bassklarinette jene Erfahrung des Neuen. So knüpfen SO SNER an die frühe Avantgarde an, wie auch an manch nie zu Ende gebrachten Experimente der späten Avantgarde Mitte der 80er.

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2022/03/03 @ 8:00 AM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Blueblut ・ Suhina


Emerging from Vienna’s thriving underground music scene, Blueblut is arguably one of its most intriguing combos. The trio, founded by three musical powerhouses, famous in their respective spheres of jazz, electronic and avant-rock music, have the intensity of rock, the space and openness of electronica and the razor sharp precision and wild improvisation of jazz.


Suhina was formed to play as a “houseband” at a experimental concert series in Helsinki named Suhina Klubi. Teemu and Jukka has since played and curated the series with guests such as Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, Ilia Belorukov, Paul Pignon, Lauri Hyvärinen, Mikko Innanen and Dario Fariello.

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2022/03/17 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ° € 9

Tomaž Grom / Zlatko Kaučič

Tomaž Grom / Zlatko Kaučič

The music is extremely physical, gesticulative and visual in some way, while firmly anchored in the acoustics and their shades, as well as the tranquillity and focused listening. It all exquisitely pours into an intense and uniform sound entity of convergences and divergences, which spread, condense and dilute, come together and move apart in a common sonic space, in a game of sounds and their dissections, noise, pulses and rhythming, constantly moving between them. After more than 20 years of meetings and separations, concentrated into this in-between space of convergences and divergences, the resulting music is not what I would have expected, despite knowing them both.

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2022/04/21 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ° € 9

NicoNote + Wang Inc.

NicoNote + Wang Inc.

NicoNote and producer Wang Inc. present LIMBO SESSION Live, a concert of improvisational music, between electronic voice and poetry.
NicoNote is a performer and singer, a transversal artist with a sparkling talent from her beginnings with Violet Eves, to the nights at Morphine Privée at Cocoricò and up to Romeo Castellucci’s theatre. Wang Inc. is an electronic artist, extrapolating synthetic sounds and rhythms from digital machines and analogue synths. Recently NicoNote and Wang Inc. produced Limbo Session Vol. 1 released by Rizosfera / Rough Trade. The result of their ‘dialogue’ is an auteur sound laboratory, a powerful and visionary journey suspended between poetry, experimentation and dancefloor.

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