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2021/02/04 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

*Canceled* without words -|- Anthropods


writing outside of words about not using words and finally using plenty not to underestimate the complexity of the quest finally realising that words are just words and cannot express all this – ahh my head is aching – so maybe simply forgo words – but images and sounds have also become words – noughts and ones – nothing but abstractions – so go without words – well there are different kinds of words and many things vibrate through them – but words only words words words – better outside of words.


Der amerikanische Schlagzeuger/Komponist Mark Holub (Led Bib, Blueblut), der seit 2012 in Wien lebt, präsentiert jetzt sein erstes Projekt als Bandleader mit Wiener MusikerInnen. In der ungewöhnlichen Besetzung (Geige, Cello, Saxophon, Bassklarinette, Schlagzeug) spielen einige Stars der florierenden Wiener Jazz- und Improvisationsmusikszene. Fans von Led Bib kennen Holubs Kompositions- und Spielstil, aber mit Anthropods erkundet er auch neue Klangwelten, mal pastorale, mal gutturale freie Improvisation aber auch Momente von schwerem Groove und manchmal all dies auf einmal.
Anthropods wurde als echtes ‘Corona-Projekt’ geboren. Mit dem Aufkommen der Krise wollte Holub nicht nur herumsitzen und darauf warten, daß sich die Grenzen öffnen, und er beschloss, daß es jetzt an der Zeit sei, in Wien etwas auf die Beine zu stellen. Dieses Projekt stellt für Holub aber auch eine Neuausrichtung dar, über die er schon seit Jahren nachdenkt. Es ist eine Chance – nach fast 20 Jahren als Leader von Led Bib – neu zu überlegen, wohin er musikalisch gehen will.
Die Konzerte sind die erste Gelegenheit, das Ensemble live zu erleben. Kurz darauf wird die Band ins Studio gehen, um ihr Debütalbum aufzunehmen. Nicht verpassen!

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2021/02/18 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ⊚ € 9

Trio_io -|- odbooqpo -|- Tacet Tacet Tacet 


Electro-acustic trio performing a fusion of contemporary chamber music and free improvisation. On March 2019 a debut album “Waves” has been released in Bołt Records. Our music is a result of three minds, three different musical languages, three different origins. Our meeting gave rise to open forms which draw inspiration from the tradition of music by contemporary composers, experiments with prepared instruments and elements of free jazz and folk music. Our music can simply be classified as new music.


odbooqpo is a “merciless blender that grinds chunks of traditional free jazz, impro and electroacoustic experimentation and spits out psychedelic landscapes, noisy polyrhythms filled with dadaist counterpoints”.

Tacet Tacet Tacet

Electronics audiovisual ambient from Bologna
Experimental ambient/noise, sleepy music for tired headbangers

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2021/03/04 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Olsson & Rubin -|- Emilie Škrijelj & Tom Malmendier : Les Marquises


Two well acknowledged Swedish improvisers active on the experimental/improv scene in Europe. Currently with a base in Copenhagen/Malmö where they are involved in several projects that frequently appears on the international scene. In this duo, they both immerse themselves in a hearty improvised musical dialogue that is full of energy and expressivity. They work their way towards the unheard by meticulously exploring mind-boggling sounds, rhythms and abstract sonic shapes, often rapidly shifting between these. Curiosity are at the core of this duos identity and their interplay is reactive and dynamic. They both utilize a way of playing that takes advantage of extended techniques which they both developed on their respective instrument.


Tom Malmendier: drums, objects
Emilie Škrijelj: accordion, turntable, electronics
Two voices breathe together, exchange, scramble and curl up like a twining plant.
A dance on the embers, ardent Marquises …

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2021/04/01 @ 8:00 AM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Denzler-Gerbal «Sbatax»


After «Heretofore» (Umlaut Records, 2015), the duo of Bertrand Denzler and Antonin Gerbal has just published «Sbatax» (Umlaut Records, 2020). This time, the two musicians explore another side of their music, focusing on aspects such as flow, speed and patterns.
«Overall, really impressive and one of the strongest free jazz dates I’ve heard in a very long time». (Brian Olewnick)

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2021/04/15 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ⊚ € 9



Cytokinin is a duo of voice and electronics.the crystal-like voice of Kanae pass through Various electronic filters, creating a kaleidoscope-like sound labyrinth.Musical instruments, symbolic movements and objects are also used in the performance to express something private and poetic.

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2021/05/06 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1



is the solo project of the sardinian Valerio Marras which combines elements of drone, ambient, postrock and noise.

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