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2022/10/06 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1



Stimme, Percussion und Blechgebläse – ein energiegeladenes, unterhaltsam-überraschendes Freeimpro-Duoprojekt

Now Sports

now sports who were founded in 2014 and have been around the block with a changing line-up ever since. While classic drumming provided the beat in their early days, they now utilize electronic loops instead of a live drumkit.

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2022/10/20 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ° € 9

Alessia Luongo & Manuel Pernazza ・ guionnet / murayama / filip

Alessia Luongo & Manuel Pernazza

Artistic duo performing concerts of Renaissance and Baroque music with commedia dell’arte
Alessia Luongo is a singer and musician of early music of Renaissence and Baroque era and music from Southern Italy.
Manuel Pernazza is ambassador of Pulcinella’s mask in the world.

guionnet / murayama / filip

the 3 musicians perform logicfree equivalences, probing what a triangle can be.

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2022/11/03 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ・ € 9

Aron Dahl / Tutner

Aron Dahl

Lush drones and plaintive melodies on wonky synths


WINTERSONGS. Von Schmerz erfüllte Flächen paaren sich mit der Melancholie der WINTERSONGS. Es wird ein Liederabend. Irgendwie.
Die Stimme sagt: “I can not move. I can not groove. I am frozen to ice.”

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2022/11/17 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ・ € 9

Darinka Pilari / Samo Kutin ・ AnA company

Darinka Pilari & Samo Kutin

When home is being on the road, you read your life in the light of the fireflies. Every step you take is a movement that becomes time and time becomes your journey into the unknown. To bring the unknown into light we grow bridges and meet in places that comes as a surprise. The tale will be formed as we realise, we have spoken a silent language into existence.
Told by the language of dance and music.

AnA company

AnA company’s piece KRASIS is a nod to the primal vibration that reunites all beings, exposing them to one another, making each body a host to all other bodies and vice versa. There is a feeling of astonishment in front of this omnitude that is contained inside us, but also exceeds us. We find ourselves stunned by its incredible beauty and, at the same time, stricken with fear, in front of this absoluteness.

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2022/12/01 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Project VO ・ Naked in the Zoo

Naked in the Zoo

A mesmerizing combination of musique concrète, surrealism, noise and forward pushing blast beasts. A burning violin player that got fascinated with turkish classical music gets mental in sonic research not fearing harsh noise nor melodies, a convulsive percussionist constantly breaking into being along the eclectic use of her fragmented voice.

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2022/12/15 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 ° € 9

5 levels ・ M.A.D.


Ein österreichisch-italienisches elektroakustisches Trio, das freie Improvisation in neue Klangwelten verlagert. Eruption und Meditation in einer exklusiven Version. Sophisticated Saxophonist Michael Fischer, Pionier der österreichischen freien Szene sowie des sogenannten ‚feedback-saxophone‘ ist zugleich auch Gründer und Dirigent des Vienna Improvisers Orchestra. Der sizilianische Kontrabassist Alessandro Vicard ist auch beheimatet in zeitgenössischer Klassik, Jazz und komponiert Musik für Theater und Film; weiteres Mitglied dieses Trios ist Didi Kern, einer der meistbeschäftigsten österreichischen Schlagzeuger, der sich zwischen Rock, Improvisation und Techno bewegt u.a. bei Fuckhead und Bulbul.

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2023/03/16 @ 8:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16

Daniel Lercher & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

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