02.May 2024 ・ 20:00Club Wakuum

Eyal Talmor

The performance is centered around a dysfunctional Access Virus synthesizer that is operating beyond the machine’s original capabilities, connected to a normal functioning machine that is becoming influenced in an unintended way by corrupted MIDI data sent back and forth. The idea and the method were formed after an incident that deleted and corrupted all data that was present on the Virus synthesizer at that time, followed by an experiment to test the response of the normal functioning machine to the corrupted MIDI data generated. The described method allows to reach sounds otherwise impossible, while dealing with the chaotic nature of the involved machines and the live setting in real time, making every performance unique and unrepeatable, researching stress conditions, chaos, the physicality and behaviors of new sounds and their influence on the listener.

Eyal Talmor is an Israeli experimental electronic musician, currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. His works are dealing with the extremities of sound produced by unconventional approaches of music technology, researching stress conditions, chaos and the physical presentation of sound and its influence on the individual and society, along with the goal of uncovering and exploring new territories by experimentation and performance. He is constantly performing and presenting his works in Europe and Israel, both as solo performances and as collaborations with like-minded artists and musicians.


Mauro Diciocia

Mauro Diciocia works in the field of electroacoustic music, combining sounds and techniques hijacked from the musique concrète/tape music tradition with a modern approach to noise music and soundscape composition. His sound aesthetics is an object in perpetual motion where the constantelement is represented by the organic use of field recordings/found footage and their manipulation throughout magnetic tapes and digital processors.

He has extensively performed in Europe (Germany, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium,France, Switzerland) and has released his works on various labels on CD, LP, and limited cassette editions (often, until 2019, under the pseudonym torba).

His most recent compositions have been performed in the frame of academic festivals such as Dissonanzen (Naples), ArteScienza (Rome), XXIII CIM – Colloquio di Informatica Musicale (Ancona), Anamorphosis (Lecce), MA/IN (Potenza). His work Lapjèdr Fòr was among the winners of Banc d’essai2019 and performed on the GRM Acousmonium in Paris during Multiphonies 2019.

In March 2022, he was artist in residence at EMS (Elektronmusik Studion) in Stockholm, where he composed Rygerfjord, a quadraphonic composition primarily focused on the interaction between the Buchla 200 synthesizer system and digital manipulation processes.

Mauro is the co-founder and curator of Aaltra, a cultural hub based in Lecce dedicated to adventuroussonic languages, active since February 2018. In the autumn of 2022, he curated the festival ARCHIPELAGO22, an exploration of post-digital electronic music.
He currently collaborates, as acousmatic performer, with Acousmonium M.ar.e. (Bari).
He’s audio technician and multimedia content manager for KORA – Center for Contemporary Arts,Castrignano de’ Greci, Lecce.