04.Apr 2024 ・ 20:00Club Wakuum

BY Duo

Kriton Beyer and Viola Yip join forces as a duo, with the shared interest in DIY aspects of sound making, foregrounding materialities of instruments as well as working with feedback as a musical medium in improvised music.

Viola Yip, self-built feedback turntable, objects and voice
Kriton Beyer, daxophone


exapist euforia

xapist euforia is a tridimensional snap-shot of contrasting muscular contractions. This is a project that employs improvisation to generate materials that are then structured in the live performed composition. The main focus of the solo is to connect the gesture and the physicality to the instruments and electronics. Both as a method to release tensions and to build the aesthetics in music and a way of playing instruments.