03.Oct 2024 ・ 20:00Club Wakuum

Toni Dimitrov

Toni Dimitrov takes us on a deep and engaging journey through his artistic abilities and experience in the music industry. With numerous releases, collaborations, and aliases to his credit, Toni Dimitrov has earned a reputation of great prominence in the underground music community, thanks to his artistic sensitivity and ability to create evocative and emotional soundscapes.
The artist leads us on a unique sonic journey in which ambient sounds are skillfully blended with field recordings to create an immersive, fluid, and engaging musical experience. The delicate and calm beginning of the ambient sounds gradually transforms into a more intense and dense crescendo, thanks to the addition of increasingly complex and layered field recording sounds.
Toni Dimitrov knows how to use ambient textures and field recordings synergistically, creating a hypnotic and imaginative atmosphere that captures the listener and takes them into a suggestive imaginary world that transcends the known reality.
In summary, Toni Dimitrov represents a highly significant musical experience, combining technical mastery and artistic sensitivity to create an engaging and evocative musical work that transports the listener on an exciting and unforgettable journey.

Toni Dimitrov is a multimedia artist, cultural producer, radio host, communicologist, organizer, curator, label owner, mountain climber and nature lover, living in Macedonia. He connects all those with the love for music, sound art and field recordings. Have been curving his way into the new experimental music/sound art scene with his solo engagement, collaborative releases, radio art and art installations. Working in the field of sound art and experimenting with electronic music and radio for more than 20 years. Have released under several monikers, bands and collaborations such as Hunter/Gatherer (with Ingman Wannerberg), Fayerabend (with Mykola Yosypenko), sound_00 + lefterna (with Boban Ristevski), post global trio (with Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski), post global duo (with Robert Farrugia), Private Mountain (with Dimitar Dodovski), between many others, having countless albums and eps on diverse labels around the world and performed on many events and participated at several residencies. His radio programs are broadcasted on the music radio Kanal 103 ‘post global: conceptual program for new music’ and ‘Music and Politics’ and are dedicated to contemporary electronic music, ambient, soundscape and political discourse. The artistic career involves art installations, sound and sound installations, drawings, video, photography, exhibiting on various exhibitions locally and abroad. His last participation was at the historical sound art exhibition “Audiosphere Sound Experimentation 1980–2020” at Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, curated by Francisco Lopez. he is curating the labels post global recordings and élan vital recordings. The recent professional engagements were on projects related to political analysis of media. At the moment he is director of Cultural Informartion Center – Skopje.