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2023/02/02 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1


neOanderthal is a musical, sound and social experiment. It’s a live concert, without loops and based on an self-made instrument kit, whose materials are strictly recovered, recycled and played manually with different techniques. 
Between techno, minimal, industrial and ambient sonorities, and a general exploration of the hypnotic and trance experience, paying special attention to the study of the organic sound and research through materials, its sound response and the relationship with the audience mood.
The aim of the project is to re-discover electronic sounds getting to them from the basis, from the organics and through basic and primitive instruments instead of synths, samplers and drum machines. Putting the human being replacing the sequencer for a real live and gestural performance.
ne0anderthal on Youtube

eRikm & dieb13

“eRikm and Dieb13 are two of the most prominent and well-respected experimental turntablists in the world, both working in a wide range of contexts, from the classical world to club DJing. in the early 2000s they begun frequently working as a duo, and chaos club marked their first duo recording together. eRikm, from Marseille, burst onto the scene in the mid-’90s as a virtuoso turntablist. Since then, he has gradually shifted his output into a more abstract vein, often abandoning the turntables entirely. Chaos club marks a rare return to the turntables for this unpredictable musician, whose previous recordings include collaborations with Voice Crack and Günter Müller, Jérôme Noetinger, the late Luc Ferrari, Christian Fennesz and many others.
Dieb13, from Vienna, who uses a range of names for performing including his real one, Dieter Kovacic, is a immensely talented turntablist, as demonstrated by his solo work, as well as his collaborations with Burkhard Stangl, efzeg, and many others.