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2023/04/06 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Marco Colonna x Francesco Cigana

A music born on the brink of the moment: clarinets and percussions caught in a spiral of imagination and conflict. The uncommon sound of common objects like polystyrene, mechanical devices or metal tools blends with an ever-changing variety of percussive effects, while the sound of ebony always devotes towards vocality – a process in which the boundary between sound and noise fades away. Masterfully recorded, this meeting defines a poetics of improvisation aimed at building new contemporary rules and syntax.

vincent jehanno & florian tositti

Vincent accumulates magnetic tape. Vincent also records, with two cardioid microphones. We say field recordings. Because what matters is the ground. But also the frame. That moves. Also called phonography. Because there is registration. We glimpse daily life and tides. Microphones and speakers that relate. Echoing pure tones. Ethnologies that arrive. Cascade. He uses a Revox B77: the perseverance of the device that writes and reproduces. And transducers that broadcast.
Website Jehanno
Florian seeks to construct moments close to hearing. He has published-practiced-researched music in the form of installations, performances and programming for and around sounds & musics since 2001. Since 2018, he has shared a duo of reduced drums (kristallroll) as well as an “extended” quartet version (+ 2 bagpipes (trille(s))) and seeks to build performances, recordings and installations according to the sites, implementing an improvised approach. relating to the poetics of experience.
Website Tositti