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2023/05/04 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Jošt Drašler

»Drašler succeeds in producing an extremely wide spectrum of sound expression with a rather “everyday” use of the instrument, thanks to his technical skills in particular. The disk could be a study guide to using a number of established strokes for playing the double bass, whose combination and interplay raises the complexity of their performance to a much higher level. In essence, Drašler’s playing focuses on simultaneous flageolet and rough droning, which together create a broad canvas of sound, and which, like erratic balloons, welcome and temper the variety of sound impressions created by the hands of this technically clever musician. Dramatic glissandi, cracking and murmuring, passages in bursts and discreet pizzicato, dynamic mood swings and a constructive dialogue between sound and silence.« (Baroš 2018)