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2023/05/04 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Jošt Drašler

»Drašler succeeds in producing an extremely wide spectrum of sound expression with a rather “everyday” use of the instrument, thanks to his technical skills in particular. The disk could be a study guide to using a number of established strokes for playing the double bass, whose combination and interplay raises the complexity of their performance to a much higher level. In essence, Drašler’s playing focuses on simultaneous flageolet and rough droning, which together create a broad canvas of sound, and which, like erratic balloons, welcome and temper the variety of sound impressions created by the hands of this technically clever musician. Dramatic glissandi, cracking and murmuring, passages in bursts and discreet pizzicato, dynamic mood swings and a constructive dialogue between sound and silence.« (Baroš 2018)

Lotte Anker / Christof Kurzmann Duo

Lotte Anker (ss, ts)
Christof Kurzmann (Laptop, Elektronik, Stimme)

Lotte Anker is a Copenhagen-based saxophone player and composer working in the field between experimental jazz/improvisation and contemporary music. Her music includes both melodic (often twisted or fragmented) elements and more abstract textural material and covers a wide territory from minimal, transparency to dense and dark expressionism. Lotte Anker has been initiator and bandleader of a number of highly acclaimed collaborations and groups such as Anker, Taborn, Cleaver (w/ Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver), Trio with Sylvie Courvoisier and Ikue Mori, to name a few. Other recent projects are the 8-piece group What River Ensemble, duo with Fred Frith and a quartet with Johannes Bauer, Clayton Thomas and Paul Lovens.
Lotte has performed at major festivals and concert spaces in most of Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa and the Middle-East and has also played and toured with Marilyn Crispell, Herb Robertson, Tim Berne, Okkyung Lee, Paal Nilssen-Love, Joelle Leandre, Raymond Strid, Sten Sandell, Andrew Cyrille, Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Friis-Nielsen and many others. Compositional work includes music for both small group and large ensemble and for both contemporary new music and modern/experimental jazz ensembles – and a combination of these.

Christof Kurzmann started in the legendary Austrian avant-rock duo Extended Versions in the early 90s, founded the Orchester 33 1/3 and the label Charhizma, and is active today in the groups MADE TO BREAK (with Ken Vandermark), a steady duo project with Mat Gustafsson, EL INFIERNO MUSICAL and others.