07.Mar 2024 ・ 20:00Club Wakuum

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Coudoux / Moir duo

Elisabeth Coudoux – Cello
Casey Moir – Voice and Effect Pedals

The music of this duo lays the voice and cello bare, exposing a rich intuition reaching beyond the boundaries of given structures. It is a weave of professional craftsmanship with a warm intimacy to one’s own instrument. Textures emerge. Tensions arise. Contrasts flow. Subtleties surface. Unifying sound, space and performance is the intuitive interplay of Casey and Elisabeth, both experienced in the field of exploratory improvisation. Together they draw on the extensive sound spectra available to each of them, as they ebb and flow in the layering of sounds, breathing and moving symbiotically, simultaneously autonomous yet decidedly interconnected in sound and space.

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