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Bruno Dorella

Bruno Dorella (Milano, Italy 1973), drummer, guitar player, producer and composer, leaves University in 1997 to catch the rock and roll train, and never got down since then. In the late 90’s he plays in the instant classic italian lo-fi pop band Wolfango and founds the cult-label Bar La Muerte (1999-2012). Since 2000 he starts founding his actual bands, all still active: first OvO (9 albums and more than 1000 concerts all over the world), then Ronin (6 albums, some soundtracks and more than 400 concerts all over Europe), and finally Bachi Da Pietra, which is mostly popular in Italy (7 albums). He moves to Ravenna (Italy) in 2010, where he conducts the Byzantium Experimental Orchestra and founds GDG Modern Trio and Tiresia. In 2015 he’s asked to join the legendary industrial band Sigillum S, active since 1985. He composes music for theatre and dance (Gruppo Nanou, Linguaggicreativi, ErosAntEros), and does site specific exclusive sound and music projects (industrial archeology for Canale Cavour in Torino, Michelin starred Joia restaurant in Milano).
Lately he started the solo project Jack Cannon, and he released his first record under his name, “Concerto Per Chitarra Solitaria”, commissioned by the prominent classical music foundation Ravenna Festival. He recently moved to Bruxelles.