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Blueblut ・ Suhina

2022/03/03 @ 8:00 AM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1


Blueblut is back with their 3rd LP Andenborstengürteltier! Named after the Andean hairy armadillo, this album sees the Viennese trio delve deeper into their intriguing sound, giving everything from bird whistles to Beethoven’s ninth symphony, to the Nepalese national anthem their trademark stamp. This album is very much a 2 sided affair in the LP tradition, with side A featuring studio tracks and side B recorded live on their second tour of Japan.
Emerging from Vienna’s thriving underground music scene, Blueblut is arguably one of its most intriguing combos. The trio, founded by three musical powerhouses, famous in their respective spheres of jazz, electronic and avant-rock music, have the intensity of rock, the space and openness of electronica and the razor sharp precision and wild improvisation of jazz.
In Blueblut’s now seven year history, they have wowed audiences across Europe, Japan and South America on their relentless touring, being described as “…the most effective wake-up call you could ever experience” by taste-maker blog Louder Than War and even picking up some praise across the pond with the Brooklyn Rail(U.S.) declaring “Most of these tunes come across like highly abstracted, well-executed cover versions of pop songs that never were.” This new album promises to bring their new sounds to even more ears, and with further touring planned, pending corona restrictions, they could be playing soon in a city near you!

Pamelia Stickney – theremin
Chris Janka – guitar
Mark Holub – drums
Pamelia Stickney is probably the most recognisable player of the theremin in the world today, being key in the instrument’s development, she is the number one go-to theremin player. Alongside her own compositions and releases she has performed with the likes of Yoko Ono and David Byrne. Mark Holub is best known as the animated Anglo-American drummer and bandleader of London based and Mercury Prize nominated jazz-rock outfit Led Bib. Holub recently decamped from London to set up home in Vienna. Flying machine maker, sound engineer, guitarist and automata creator Chris Janka is a kind of Viennese Caractacus Potts figure with a basement studio to rival Peter Blake’s. He also recorded, engineered and mastered the record.

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Suhina is Teemu Mustonen percussions and Jukka Kääriäinen guitar.
Suhina was formed to play as a “houseband” at a experimental concert series in Helsinki named Suhina Klubi.Teemu and Jukka has since played and curated the series with guests such as Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, Ilia Belorukov, Paul Pignon, Lauri Hyvärinen, Mikko Innanen and Dario Fariello.

Teemu Mustonen is a percussionist based in Helsinki Finland. Teemu has studied in jazz programs in Malmö and Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Mustonen investigates the sonic possibilities of prepared percussions in context of free improvisation. Teemu has performed and recorded with variety of musicians in jazz and improvised music. The latest recording features him with Raoul Björkenheim, Mikko Innanen and Juhani Aaltonen.

Jukka Kääriäinen is a musician and sound artist based in Helsinki Finland. Jukka is specialized in the field of experimental music and arts and is an active performer in the Finnish scene of improvised and contemporary music. He has collaborated with musicians such as Teppo Hauta-Aho, Kalle Kalima, Harri Sjöström, Emilio Gordoa, Elena Kakaliagou, Rieko Okuda, Anil Eraslan, Mikko Innanen and Paul Pignon and premiered pieces by composers such as Sebastian Hilli, Sami Klemola, Clara de Asis, Tytti Arola and Leo Dupleix. Jukka is also a member of contemporary music performing electric guitar quartet called Sähkökitarakvartetti.