Ana Kravanja & Tijana Stanković / Tacet Tacet Tacet

2020/04/16 @ 9:00 PM @ ARTist’s, Schützgasse 16 * € 9

Tacet Tacet Tacet

-Electronics audiovisual ambient from Bologna
-Experimental ambient/noise, sleepy music for tired headbangers

Solo project by Francesco Zedde: drummer, electronic musician, composer and improviser based in Bologna.
Graduated in electronic music, scoring for films, sound design and sound engineering, between 2012 and 2019 has been a member of 13 projects/bands, released 6 solo albums, featured in more than 20 records and played 439 concerts in 17 countries.
Founded and organized Discomfort Dispatch concert series (electronics/free impro festivals, since 2017), most of his music is released and presented under the names “Tacet Tacet Tacet”, (live electronics audio/visual project inspired by modern experimental and dark ambient music) and “Tonto”, grindcore one man band performed with processed drumset and vocals.
Francesco carries on his own research activities involving augmented instruments, hacking and new media arts while keep on touring, producing and teaching.

Ana Kravanja & Tijana Stanković

Tijana Stanković is a violin player and singer from Serbia. She have studied Etnomusicology in Novi Sad. Field of her interest includes folk music of the Balkans, free improvisation and contemporary music, “world” as well as applied music. She has collaborated with many eminent musicians and composers such are Mezei Szilárd in Improvisers Orchestra (INT), Túl a Tiszán Innen Ensemble (SRB), Identity’s Dream Quartet (SRB); Iancu Dumitrecu and Ana Maria Avram in Hyperion Ensemble (INT); Márkos Albert in Argo (HU), Words and Music (HU) and work on theater and film music; Nikolaus Gerszewski in Korpovit Trio (HU/AU); Miroslav Tóth (SK) in duo with whom has a release as well as Budapest Improvisers Orchestra (HU). Ongoing projects are playing/singing in a violin/vocal duo with Ana Kravanja (SLO), duo with Sofia Labropoulou (GR), duo with Luka Toyboy among others.

Ana Kravanja is a violinist and vocalist from Slovenia. She is active in musical group Širom, where she plays a myriad of homemade, traditional and classical instruments. As a violinist she has been free improvising with slovenian and foreign musicians and dancers as Samo Kutin, Tomaž Grom, Irena Tomažin, Vid & Jošt Drašler, Andrej Fon, Ina Puntar, Tea Vidmar, Tijana Stanković, Noid, Matija Schellander, Susanna Gartmayer, Aleksandar Škorić, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Henrik Olsson, Raphael Roginski, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Lotus Edde Khouri etc. She makes author music for theatre, films, animations, storytelling, poetry, dance and visual arts. In 2013 she formed a project Glacies, where musicians play on refrigerator shelves. In duo Najoua, with Samo Kutin, they made music for fourteen kalimbas and recorded two albums between 2012 and 2016. She also takes part in Olfamoštvo tentet.

Ana Kravanja and Tijana Stanković have released their first album “trkam kličem odganjam / kucam dozivam teram” in April 2019. It is a product of two musical residencies in Budapest, Hungary and Lesno Brdo, Slovenia. The goal of residencies was research in sound, vocal and violin expression as well as a search for a connection between each player’s idioms, style of improvisation and traditional and contemporary elements in playing. They have performed in Kek Lo, Budapest (HU), in Defonija, Klub Gromka, Ljubljana and Keltika concert series in Cerkno (SLO), Celeste and Rhiz in Vienna (AU).