“Among the many games released each year, there aren’t many that leave you contemplating and debating their story and worldviews long after the final set of credits has rolled. Virtue’s Last Reward takes its place proudly among this crop of games. As fun and challenging as the brainteasers in the room escapes are, they’re merely dressing for the fantastic writing, memorable characters, and stunning plot twists that could only be presented successfully in a game format. This is an adventure that fans of the genre–or those who appreciate quality storytelling in general–should not miss.” (Heidi Kemps, Gamespot)

“A lot of people talk about the idea that narrative and gameplay have nothing to do with one another — or, beyond that, the idea that story should be stricken from games entirely; the premise of this argument is that story somehow pollutes games.
I can’t stand this, because I love stories. I love stories that have been crafted by writers — stories that are full of ideas. That would be reason enough to love Virtue’s Last Reward, as it’s a complex but coherent story that’s just bursting with them. But there’s more going on here: it’s a story that you explore, a story not aside from gameplay, but as gameplay.
Like any good mystery, it keeps you guessing. In fact, that’s the engine that powers Virtue’s Last Reward: you throw yourself into the story, trying to piece it together, and literally leaping from node to node, exploring every moment of its narrative. What’s important? What’s a red herring? What’s just an interesting idea that’s there just because it’s interesting, and nothing more? It’s all there for you to discover — to fully participate in its discovery.
When you find yourself tackling this story — piecing it together in your head as the game pieces it together in front of you, breaking open its “locks” as the pieces start to fit — it’s a real moment of forward motion in storytelling gameplay. It’s a passionate exploration of what narrative as game can be by people who care about both.” (Christian Nutt, Features Editor, Gamasutra in “The 10 Best Games of 2012“)

A very interesting article and interview with director Kotaro Uchikoshion on Gamasutra:
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