“The tools to create new levels will be included in the game, and the feel is more like a sequencer than a content-creation tool. You lay down beats, and hear how it sounds in real time. You can add different notes and effects, layer in platforms, and in seconds you have a level—along with a song. It’s easy enough for anyone to use, and placing beats and platforms using the system’s rear touch panel is effortless.
“Let me show you,” Mak told me. He then whipped up a song, and invited me to do the same. In a few minutes I was comfortable with the controls, and I had something that I liked. Multiple rooms can be strung together to create longer levels, and you’ll be able to name and upload your creations to share with the community.
“But it doesn’t end there,” he told me. “You can download someone else’s song, and then remix it or add to it, and then re-upload it. And then someone can do the same thing with your version of the song. When you download a remix, you can trace it back to the original creator, it keeps all the information so you can trace the song through all the different versions.””
(From a review on Arstechnica)

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