“Persona 4 Golden is a fantastic modernized expansion of a brilliant RPG that many will have missed simply because it released out of sync with its original console generation. Some of it’s low-tech PS2-era roots sneak through in places, such as the stiff-looking run animations and odd gestures, and some of the slower sections of the game feel like lulls in the action. It takes a while to really get started, as you spend the first few hours stuck in a linear sequence almost void of actual gameplay as the game slowly introduces you to its world and mechanics. But it’s a small hitch.
For those who allow themselves to become emotionally invested in the world, its characters and its events, this is an engrossing life sim with a gripping turn-based RPG story to keep you hooked, and a meaningful decision-based consequence system that introduces enough variables to warrant multiple playthroughs.
And if you’ve never played a Persona game now’s a great time to start; you’re missing out on something truly unique.” (Mike Jackson)

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