“Despite all of this, there was a wonderful thing that happened. That community that I hold so dear banded together. As individuals, we were insulted and hurt, but as a group we were able to stand up and support one another in a way that I truly appreciate.
Our night, once the production was officially deemed dead, consisted of hanging out, forming new friendships, and reinforcing existing friendships – exemplifying the environment that should have existed all day.
Some developers began to devise ideas on how to film a game jam that would properly capture the spirit of game development. Some developers discussed potential future game design ideas. Some developers simply played games.
No matter what everyone was doing, however, we were all in this together – sharing, collaborating, talking, and creating.”

Read what this is all about here on Adriel Wallick’s blog

or in this article from Eurogamer.

REALLY, do it! Read it! It’s beautiful. What wonderful people. Humans can be so awesome! And it’s the video game community who shows it the best right now. I LOVE ‘EM!