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Denzler-Gerbal «Sbatax» -|- OLSSON | RUBIN

2021/12/02 @ 8:00 PM @ Club Wakuum, Griesgasse 25/1

Denzler-Gerbal «Sbatax»

Bertrand Denzler / tenor saxophone
Antonin Gerbal / drums
After «Heretofore» (Umlaut Records, 2015), the duo of Bertrand Denzler and Antonin Gerbal has just published «Sbatax» (Umlaut Records, 2020). This time, the two musicians explore another side of their music, focusing on aspects such as flow, speed and patterns.
Denzler and Gerbal work together since 2011, whether as a duo or with groups and projects like Zoor, Denzler-Gerbal-Dörner, Onceim, CCP3 and Protocluster, which have released albums on Umlaut Records, Confront Recordings, DDS, Shiiin and Remote Resonator.

«Overall, really impressive and one of the strongest free jazz dates I’ve heard in a very long time». (Brian Olewnick)
«The sax hits hard, the drums know how to whistle. Or the other way around, if you like things straight.» (Guillaume Malvoisin, Pointbreak)
«Gerbal is in constant motion here, more Hamid Drake than Ali, and more Billy Higgins than Sunny Murray. His performance is the accelerant for Denzler’s tenor exploits, who drops whole notes then pushes his horn to the brink, working the edges of overblown intensity.» (Mark Corroto, All About Jazz)
«One of the most original propositions I’ve heard in a long time.» (Joël Pagier, Revue & Corrigée)
«This is high energy power music.» (Stef Gijssels,



Henrik Olsson and Ola Rubin are two well acknowledged Swedish improvisers active on the experimental/improv scene in Europe. Currently with a base in Copenhagen/Malmö where they are involved in several projects that frequently appears on the international scene. In this duo, they both immerse themselves in a hearty improvised musical dialogue that is full of energy and expressivity. They work their way towards the unheard by meticulously exploring mind-boggling sounds, rhythms and abstract sonic shapes, often rapidly shifting between these. Curiosity are at the core of this duos identity and their interplay is reactive and dynamic. They both utilises a way of playing that takes advantage of extended techniques which they both developed on their respective instrument.

Henrik Thor Oscar Olsson is a Swedish guitarist and composer, based in Copenhagen. He is interested in taking the sonic expression of the electric guitar into new, unpredictable domains, often with the help of various preparations and unconventional playing techniques. His playing has attracted attention in different projects such as his post-jazz group Penumbra Ensemble, the avantgarde/rock project The Hum, the noise-trio EHM and most recently his Hand of Benediction. He has composed all the music for Penumbra Ensemble’s debut album, which has been very well received among critics and referred to as “a surrealist vision, a deeply personal expression of avant-garde rock, jazz, world music and poetic soundscapes” by All About Jazz. He is a member of the independent label and improvisers’ collective Barefoot Records and of the curators’ team for the concert series Lutter Øre. He is well established on the danish jazz/improvisation scene and has performed with musicians such as Kresten Osgood, Sture Ericson, Peter Friis Nielsen, Lotte Anker, P.O Jorgens, Olie Brice, Max Johnson, Daysuke Takaoka, Takashi Sugawa, Jørgen Teller, among many others.

Ola Rubin is a trombone player based in Malmö, Sweden. Exploring new techniques and sounds on the instrument. Currently active in many bands like Swedish/American trio ‘Swedish Fix’ (w. Jon Lipscomb/Anders Uddeskog) Recent collaborations with Leila Bordreuil and Zach Rowden. A new tribute band to Roswell Rudd and Steve Lacy ‘Lazyrudemonk’ (w. Martin Küchen/Dan Schyman/Anders Uddeskog) Also a member of Extemporize Orchestra in Copenhagen.