Jun 142017
Sep 14, 2017 | Thu | 17年09月14日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Takkiduda records various sounds in real time, and make music by overlapping sounds in improvisation from Japan.
We mix Music, Image projection and Dance improvised.
We use voice, electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop, keyboard harmonica, small musical instruments, toy, enviromental sounds from our life and nature, and more.
Our performances are different each time we are on stage. We play what we feel in the moment led by our instincts, allowing the sounds to layer and harmonize.
Our hope is to have you sit back and experience the sounds naturally turning into music.


John Bold

Electronics paint a 21st century still-life.
Browsing through ambiences in an interpassive state of sacred chanting.
Simultaneously attracted and disgusted by pop-nihilism.
Somewhere in a hot-cold delirium of accelerationist death-driven obscenity and virginal resistance.
Unsure whether we can transcend or just decay.
Perhaps there will be a decision in the end.