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Mar 01, 2018 | Thu | 18年03月01日
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ff koger-fischer

Present – Option – Decision – Multilog – Reference
2 anaologe feedback systems
Surface – Layer – Space – Texture in Ephemeral

Michael Fischer, feedback-saxophone
Peter Koger, analogue video-feedback (MediaOpera)

Peter Koger works as a video artist, visualist, programmer, interactive and Animation designer and universal media craftsman in numerous art projects, mainly in the field of video and perfomative art. Lecturer at the University of Applied Art, Institute of Visual and Media Art. founding member various initiatives to promote the art of visual artists, co-founder of MediaOpera.
In 1999, Michael Fischer began to integrate the phenomenon of acoustic feedback into his instrumental works and developed an exclusively analog, non-effect-based instrument that uses micro- and macro-movements of the instrument / body, creating texture through vocal intervention, revealing the hidden sonic reflections of the space itself, this space gets shifted, moved, transformed…

Annabelle Playe

Sometimes atmospheric, sometimes noisy, harmonic or dissonant music takes us across states that open the perception we have of the world, others and ourselves. Music is played live based on a device made of analogic synthesizers, filters and effects. Sound is waving between electronic and electroacoustic music, some of them made from different sources (voices, concrete sounds) are processed, put into spaces and mixed to analogic.