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Von wegen mikro. Im Borderland (mikroton cd 53) von CILANTRO erwarten einen hypersome Raupen, Grillen, groß wie Ochsenfrösche, Walfische auf Rädern, Gray-cap ‘Mold’, wamperte Figuren, die Big Dom oder Prince Tubby(‘Prinz Wompe’) heißen könnten. Weird Sonic Fiction, wie “Melancholie des Widerstand” (aka “Die Werckmeisterschen Harmonien”), “City of Saints and Madmen” oder “Dunkle Stadt Bohane”, wahrhaftig vertont. Angélica Castelló & Billy Roisz reiseführen nach ‘Smoketown’ (nach Ambergris…) mit Rauchspuren von Paetzold-Blockflöte, Ukulele, E-Bass, Organ, Computer, Tapes, TVSamples und Electronics, ohne Scheu, als narrativ und phantastisch (miss)-verstanden zu werden, wenn sie da wummern, brausen und krimskramsen, überzogen mit einem knisternden Geräuschfilm. Aber auch nostalgischer und hauntologischer Patina, wie bei ‘Calypsoblues’ und ‘Lullaby for a Ghost’, wo das Blau und Immergrün zu Evergrey verrauscht, verdüstert und verflimmert sind.
(Review von Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy)

Ottone Pesante

Pesante is an instrumental trio composed by trumpet, trombone and drums that plays “Heavy Metal”.
“We are a really heavy brass band and we use effects on brass (distorions, octavers…) to make it heavier. Our music is very fast and it’s a challenge for brass instruments players, but sometimes it goes in the opposite direction becoming very very slow.
It’s something between extreme metal, jazzcore, brass bands.”

One year after they released their first EP, which was the first step, Ottone Pesante (Heavy Brass) release the first album. That confirms that was not a joke, neither a divertissement.
Trumpet, trombone and drums can be together really heavy. Ottone Pesante makes a step beyond the traditional idea of Extreme Metal, based on the sound of Bass and Guitar. They do this after 90 gigs in the last year, playing all around Italy and in Europe.
“Brassphemy set in stone” is the evolution of Ottone Pesante. Music has become heavier, more extreme and more technical but also melodic in the same time. The album is very fast and brutal, really impressive especially for brass players. “Trombstone” is the only exception, a doom track that lets the listener breath.
“Brutal” is the first song, symbol of the Heavy Brass Metal. “Nights Blood” is a Melodic Death Metal track inspired by the Swedish metal band “Dissection”. “Bone Crushing” is the chosen track for the video, recorded on high mountains. The clip shows how physical Ottone Pesante music is.
“Torture machine tool” is inspired by Meshuggah, heavy riffs and a cutting trumpet solo make this track very special. “Copper Sulphate” is the fastest song, a grind song that make you feel in the middle of the mosh pit. The last track “Apocalips”, is a 4 minutes ride that continue to hurt ears and brain.
The album was recorded live, during 4 days between May and June 2016, in the only moment that Ottone Pesante tour stopped.


Aquifer is a solo electronic performance by Tomer Baruch in which he explores the possibility of a made-up nostalgia. By live sampling and processing toys and vintage organs, the music is retaining a hint of familiarity in a futuristic soundscape; shifting from naive to abstract and vice-versa; projecting the illusion of a longing to something that never were…

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Dec 11, 2013 | Wed | 13年12月11日 8:00 PM | 20時00分toDec 14, 2013 | Sat | 13年12月14日 11:59 PM | 23時59分

Interpenetration Festival '13

Wednesday, December 11:

Thursday, December 12:

Friday, December 13:

Saturday, December 14:


Sorry, no video of Matija Schellander’s concert.

Verschreiben und Versprechen

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Dec 13, 2011 | Tue | 11年12月13日 8:30 PM | 20時30分toDec 15, 2011 | Thu | 11年12月15日 11:59 PM | 23時59分

October 09 – December 15, 2011
Postgarage, Graz, Austria

Oct. 09
Toba / Ava Mendoza / Sporay & MSHR
(coop with KiG – Kultur in Graz and Interstellar Records)

Oct. 18
Low Frequency Orchestra / Sainct Laurens

Nov. 24
Evangelista / Broken.Heart.Collector
(coop with KiG – Kultur in Graz)

Dec. 07
Chrs Galarreta
(coop with Mittwochs Exakt)

Dec. 13
Cookin’ with Irina Karamarkovic
George Cremaschi / Denovaire/Derschmidt/Karamarkovic / Stubenmusik St. Ohrschophen

Dec. 14
Cookin’ with Irina Karamarkovic
Rdeca Raketa / No Business For Dogs / Kutin

Dec. 15
Cookin’ with Irina Karamarkovic
Winfried Ritsch / Liz Allbee / Kmet / Fugu (ohne Mumu)

+ sweets by Ursula Karner!


Ava Mendoza



Low Frequency Orchestra

Sainct Laurens

Low Frequency Orchestra & Sainct Laurens


Chris Galarreta

George Cremaschi


Stubenmusik St. Ohrschophen

Rdeca Raketa

No Business For Dogs


Winfried Ritsch

Liz Allbee


Fugu (ohne Mumu)

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Oct 01, 2009 | Thu | 09年10月01日 8:30 PM | 20時30分toDec 17, 2010 | Fri | 10年12月17日 8:30 PM | 20時30分

The Interpenetration Festival was founded by Anita Hofer and marufura fufunjiru in 2005 and premiered at Postgarage, Graz in October 2005.

Interpenetration ’10 Playlist

Interpenetration ’09 Playlist

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