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Evamuss was a project of the Peruvian Chrs Galarreta (aka: Sajjra, DiosMeHaViolado, Tica, among others alias). This project was very active in the underground Lima scene between 1997-2003. Evamuss have 9 solo albums published on very limited editions, also appears in a lot of collaborations and compilations of that period. At the beginning Evamuss used home made amps, oscillators, pedal effects and toy keywords , last years it will include the misuse of computer and the pirate software. Error and non-functionality were welcome in its process. On November 2017, Evamuss resurrects with a pair of self-hacked synth toys, some effects, hand made sequencers furbished in collaboration with some hackers in Paruro (the legendary electronic black market’s in Lima City). In the current days its sounds mutated towards a warm and humid analog jungle. Its recent – 2018- assaults included tours between Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, The Netherlands and a publication of a release in Favela Discos (Porto).



Bielgaard is a new duo playing in Austria for the first time at Interpenetration in Graaz.
The international duo from Copenhagen uses the electric guitar and baritone saxophone to create a purely aesthetic experience, and to build an aesthetic situation through composition in which the most important thing is to stimulate the listener through the production of sound. The aim is to deprive these auditory stimuli of meanings other than those of the sound itself; to present sound material for observation that does not require understanding nor suggest emotions. Thereby the physical presence of sound becomes more important than the personality of the individual, of the musicians themselves.
Hein Westgaard is a guitarist, composer and improviser who is currently studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He is works in the improvised scenes in both Copenhagen and Oslo, and has played at the Oslo Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz Festival, Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Trondheim Jazz Festival. He has performed with – among others – Bugge Wesseltoft and Kresten Osgood and has as a soloist performed a composition by Barry guy with the composer himself conducting.
Michał Biel is a Copenhagen-based musician from Poland. The pure physical presence of sound and its textural nature is the guiding theme of his exploration as a composer and baritone saxophonist. In his aesthetics, he refers to figures such as Zbigniew Karkowski and Luc Ferrari. He is active in the improvised scenes in Poland and Denmark. He is co-creator in projects like Cococlock, Bachorze, Skołowacenie and Monolith Trio.