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Oct 04, 2018 | Thu | 18年10月04日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Laser Nun

Laser Nun is the duo of Lars Bech Pilgaard (SVIN) and Anders Vestergaard (Yes Deer). Their music is a clash of repetitive guitar riffs, adventurous drum beats, and ear-piercing feedback performed with a mix of omni-religious transcendence and laser-like stupidity.
Their debut self titled cassette ‘Laser Nun’ was released on the Copenhagen based label ‘Insula Music’ on November 8th 2015 and features 2 longer pieces, recorded directly on cassette in a rehearsal space in Copenhagen.
In november 2017 the duo released their first full-length vinyl, Brother, on Insula music featuring handmade covers crafted by the visual artist Miki Skak. The music of Brother is transcending spiritual noise-wave that leads the through multi-dimensional settings of both melodic and abstract explorations of feedback, stamina and pulse.
In february 2018 Laser nun premiered a new piece for 6 amplifiers, drumset and feedback-snare in the grand settings of The Church of Elias in downtown Copenhagen.


Giant Dwarf

“This version of Giant Dwarf features Martin Philadelphy on guitar, Rick Parker on trombone & synth and Jeremy Carlstedt on drums. Earlier this week (2/6/18), the Giant Dwarf duo (Philadelphy & Carlstedt) played here at DMG and were in fine form. Prolific Austrian guitarist, Martin Philadelphy, has played here several times in the past with either Kresten Osgood or Jeremy Carlstedt on drums, always selecting his cohorts with a sharp eye or ear. His label, Delphy, is now up to number 33. Trombonist & electronics player, Rick Parker, has also played here at DMG and has worked with Tim Berne & Eyal Maoz in 9Volt, as well as with Alex Weiss. Downtown drummer, Jeremy Carlstedt, studied and collaborated with Chico Hamilton, as well as with saxist Brian Settles, Steve Gauci and Tim Motzer. This disc opens with “Cloud Jumps”, a surreal, jazz/rocker with spacey, bubbling synth and an almost krautrockish groove. Mr. Philadelphy uses selective devices to tuen his guitar into a more rock-like demon squall. Instead of bass, Mr. Parker adds a cushion of swirling synth keeping the drums and guitar connected by a web of sorts. On “Crystel Cave”, Mr. Philadelphy creates an eerie soundscape by adding selective reverb his guitar, with droning waves slowly pouring over us with simmering cymbals and synth floating in the mix. Thing erupt on “Inside Walk” with waves of trombone echoes, a thick fuzz bass (synth?) line at the center and a triumphant, slow rocking guitar & drum refrain. The trio often sound as if they are about erupt, with waves upon waves of slowly rocking angst and power. There is something festive and invigorating about this music that feels just right. Srong medicine for difficult times!”
(Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)