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Nov 03, 2017 | Fri | 17年11月03日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Rotterdam from Vienna: acoustic instruments receive treatments with socks, credit cards and set squares, creating perfect textures marrying dissonant acoustics with electronic sounds. Interlocking rhythms in endless loops keep time suspended. Like through a looking glass, the focus is on the detail. Inspired by club music, Rotterdam create something entirely new: danceable man-machine-music between minimal and Krautrock, post-techno, humor and hypnosis.

Susanne Amann: cello, flute, electronics
Michael Klauser: acoustic guitar, tuba, electronics

The Album “Gizicki”
With their new release “Gizicki” Rotterdam continues their sonic explorations of the magic formula of difference and repetition. The Viennese duo (Susanne Amann – cello & electronics; Michael Klauser – guitar, tuba & electronics) masterfully balances mathematical precision and dynamic instrumental play. “Gizicki” evokes monotone dances, mantric recitatives and undulant sound clusters: anti-climactic, mechanic, de-emotionalised as if it were the ceremonial music of a machine cult. Rotterdam succeed in setting free the immersive, hypnotic potential of repetitive loops, while training our senses. For what appears on surface as mechanical, machine-like, and indeed, non-human forces closer attention to the diversity of tone colours and the dynamics shades of the acoustic instruments recorded live. The subtle nuances of strumming, bowing, tapping and plucking as well as the overtones keep the tension. “Gizicki” is a sparse and airy sound construction: a piece of sober ecstasy, fractal intensity and acoustic loop-archeology between proto-techno, skeletonised krautrock, early American minimal music and asketic rite, whose utopian impetus is to exploit the man/ machine dichotomy aesthetically. (Shilla Strelka)