Aug 152018
Nov 15, 2018 | Thu | 18年11月15日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Michal Libera – Lethe. Opera concrete

Michał Libera (1979) is a sociologist working in the sound and music field since 2003, recently, mostly as a dramatist and librettist in sound essays and other experimental forms of radio art and opera. Recent shows include “Cosmos-Cosmos” based on Witold Gombrowicz’s work (with Lê Quan Ninh, Ingar Zach, and Tomasz Nosiński), “Snow” based on Ted Hughes’ work (with Hilary Jeffery and Gianpaolo Peres), “Kalkwerk / Studium” based on an unwritten treatise on hearing in “Kalkwerk” by Thomas Bernhard (with Pete Simonelli, Hilary Jeffery, Andrea Belfi, and Ralf Meinz). Other collaborators include Barbara Kinga Majewska, Martin Küchen, Rinus van Alebeek, and others. Libera also runs the conceptual pop label Populista dedicated to mis- and over- interpretations of music as well as series of reinterpretations of music from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio (Bôłt Records). He curates various concerts, festivals, and anti-festivals, music programs for exhibitions and received honorary mention at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale. Other collaborators include Donaueschinger Musiktage, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, National Art Gallery Zachęta, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Polish National Museum (Królikarnia), Galerie West in The Hague, and Satelita in Berlin. His essays on music and listening “Doskonale zwyczajna rzeczywistość” were published by Krytyka Polityczna. Libera is 1/3 of “Grupa Budapeszt.”

Ana Kravanja & Samo Kutin

Samo (hurdy gurdy, self made instruments) and Ana (violin, self made instruments) combine non idiomatic improvisation with imaginary folk into a special music travel with unexpected turns in soundscapes.

Jul 182018
Oct 18, 2018 | Thu | 18年10月18日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Evamuss was a project of the Peruvian Chrs Galarreta (aka: Sajjra, DiosMeHaViolado, Tica, among others alias). This project was very active in the underground Lima scene between 1997-2003. Evamuss have 9 solo albums published on very limited editions, also appears in a lot of collaborations and compilations of that period. At the beginning Evamuss used home made amps, oscillators, pedal effects and toy keywords , last years it will include the misuse of computer and the pirate software. Error and non-functionality were welcome in its process. On November 2017, Evamuss resurrects with a pair of self-hacked synth toys, some effects, hand made sequencers furbished in collaboration with some hackers in Paruro (the legendary electronic black market’s in Lima City). In the current days its sounds mutated towards a warm and humid analog jungle. Its recent – 2018- assaults included tours between Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, The Netherlands and a publication of a release in Favela Discos (Porto).


Bielgaard is a new duo playing in Austria for the first time at Interpenetration in Graaz.
The international duo from Copenhagen uses the electric guitar and baritone saxophone to create a purely aesthetic experience, and to build an aesthetic situation through composition in which the most important thing is to stimulate the listener through the production of sound. The aim is to deprive these auditory stimuli of meanings other than those of the sound itself; to present sound material for observation that does not require understanding nor suggest emotions. Thereby the physical presence of sound becomes more important than the personality of the individual, of the musicians themselves.
Hein Westgaard is a guitarist, composer and improviser who is currently studying at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. He is works in the improvised scenes in both Copenhagen and Oslo, and has played at the Oslo Jazz Festival, Molde Jazz Festival, Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Trondheim Jazz Festival. He has performed with – among others – Bugge Wesseltoft and Kresten Osgood and has as a soloist performed a composition by Barry guy with the composer himself conducting.
Michał Biel is a Copenhagen-based musician from Poland. The pure physical presence of sound and its textural nature is the guiding theme of his exploration as a composer and baritone saxophonist. In his aesthetics, he refers to figures such as Zbigniew Karkowski and Luc Ferrari. He is active in the improvised scenes in Poland and Denmark. He is co-creator in projects like Cococlock, Bachorze, Skołowacenie and Monolith Trio.

Jul 042018
Oct 04, 2018 | Thu | 18年10月04日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Laser Nun

Laser Nun is the duo of Lars Bech Pilgaard (SVIN) and Anders Vestergaard (Yes Deer). Their music is a clash of repetitive guitar riffs, adventurous drum beats, and ear-piercing feedback performed with a mix of omni-religious transcendence and laser-like stupidity.
Their debut self titled cassette ‘Laser Nun’ was released on the Copenhagen based label ‘Insula Music’ on November 8th 2015 and features 2 longer pieces, recorded directly on cassette in a rehearsal space in Copenhagen.
In november 2017 the duo released their first full-length vinyl, Brother, on Insula music featuring handmade covers crafted by the visual artist Miki Skak. The music of Brother is transcending spiritual noise-wave that leads the through multi-dimensional settings of both melodic and abstract explorations of feedback, stamina and pulse.
In february 2018 Laser nun premiered a new piece for 6 amplifiers, drumset and feedback-snare in the grand settings of The Church of Elias in downtown Copenhagen.

Giant Dwarf

“This version of Giant Dwarf features Martin Philadelphy on guitar, Rick Parker on trombone & synth and Jeremy Carlstedt on drums. Earlier this week (2/6/18), the Giant Dwarf duo (Philadelphy & Carlstedt) played here at DMG and were in fine form. Prolific Austrian guitarist, Martin Philadelphy, has played here several times in the past with either Kresten Osgood or Jeremy Carlstedt on drums, always selecting his cohorts with a sharp eye or ear. His label, Delphy, is now up to number 33. Trombonist & electronics player, Rick Parker, has also played here at DMG and has worked with Tim Berne & Eyal Maoz in 9Volt, as well as with Alex Weiss. Downtown drummer, Jeremy Carlstedt, studied and collaborated with Chico Hamilton, as well as with saxist Brian Settles, Steve Gauci and Tim Motzer. This disc opens with “Cloud Jumps”, a surreal, jazz/rocker with spacey, bubbling synth and an almost krautrockish groove. Mr. Philadelphy uses selective devices to tuen his guitar into a more rock-like demon squall. Instead of bass, Mr. Parker adds a cushion of swirling synth keeping the drums and guitar connected by a web of sorts. On “Crystel Cave”, Mr. Philadelphy creates an eerie soundscape by adding selective reverb his guitar, with droning waves slowly pouring over us with simmering cymbals and synth floating in the mix. Thing erupt on “Inside Walk” with waves of trombone echoes, a thick fuzz bass (synth?) line at the center and a triumphant, slow rocking guitar & drum refrain. The trio often sound as if they are about erupt, with waves upon waves of slowly rocking angst and power. There is something festive and invigorating about this music that feels just right. Srong medicine for difficult times!”
(Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG)

Jun 202018
Sep 20, 2018 | Thu | 18年09月20日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo

Anders Vestergaard & Finn Loxbo is a swedish/danish duo that uses acoustic guitar and snaredrum with feedback electronics to explore sounds and textures in the force field between acoustic reductionism and feedback noise. On the record “Im fine with swirling colors” that will be released in september 2018, we hear free improvised music that reflects the nuances of the different temperaments and modes that the duo has developed through the last years – from concrete sounds in reduced yet explosive phrases where the silence seems charged with TNT – to an almost lyrical, melodical interplay.
Anders Vestergaard is working with feedback, drums, cymbals and other objects in both refined and precise ways and in brutal and stupid ways. He is very active on the danish music scene, both with his own band Yes Deer and in i.a Jacob Anderskovs Kinetics that collaborates with Evan Parker.
Finn Loxbo is researching out the sonorous expressive possibilities of the steel-stringed acoustic guitar with the help of unorthodox techniques and preparations, sometimes in collaboration with voice and electronics. Besides the low-key reductionism in his solo work and many acoustic collaborations with i.e Lisa Ullén, he plays electric guitar in bands with a more maximalistic approach such as Strändernas Svall, Doglife and formerly Fire! Orchestra.

Luigi Marino & Michael Thieke

Michael Thieke: clarinet
Luigi Marino: zarb, bowed custom cymbals, feedback music box
Drawing from improvisation and relying upon empirical practice to introduce collectively composed elements, the dialogue between the two musicians develops from the most unusual and hidden details of sound. Metal resonances and air columns set in vibration inside a clarinet, sounds barely audible emerge from the background to take a predominant role, gradually showing all their potential and unexpected directions to convey intuitive decision-making.
The duo Thieke/Marino started in Berlin in 2016, and they have since presented their music in Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Luigi Marino
Luigi Marino is a musician native to Rome. His recent work has focused on interactive systems able to create interactions between an extemporary performer-driven source and a computer, with particular attention to how intuitive decisions can profoundly affect predetermined structures. He is also an active improvisor performing on both electronic media and percussion, especially zarb and bowed custom cymbals.
He holds a BA in arts and philosophy from University of Rome Tor Vergata, and an MFA in electronic music from Mills College, where he worked as teaching assistant for John Bischoff and Chris Brown. Among his teachers Roscoe Mitchell, John Bischoff, Chris Brown, William Winant. He studied zarb with Mohssen Kasirossafar.
He is the recipent of many awards such as the full teaching assistantship at the Center of Contemporary Music at Mills College, the Paul Merritt Henry Prize, and the doctoral grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK).
His music has been presented at festivals such as the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Intonal Festival (Malmö), Seoul International Computer Music Festival, Acousmatic for the People (Malmö), BEAST FEaST (Birmingham), ICMC (Athens), Sincronie (Milan). As a performer, he played at venues such as Rainforest World Music Festival (Kuching, Malaysia), Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Rome), Auditorium Parco Della Musica (Rome), Offene Ohren (Munich), Studio Acht (Berlin), Spektum (Berlin), Sowieso (Berlin), WIM (Zurich), ImprovvisaMente (Lodi), Teatro Ca’ Foscari (Venice), Spazio O’ (Milan).
He currently lives in the UK, pursuing a joint PhD at University of Birmingham and De Montfort University.
Michael Thieke
The Berlin-based clarinetist/composer/performer Michael Thieke is equally at home across a broad range of musical environments, exploring the minutiae of sound, timbre and noise, with a particular interest in microtonality and related sound phenomena, and with a preference for long-term collaborations and collective work. His music is well informed (not only) by electronic music although he mostly works in acoustic environments.
He is currently involved in a number of projects that focus on diverse and contrasting facets of his musical interest, such as experimental song forms, collectively composing projects, improvising collectives, and music on the fringes of jazz. With groups such as The International Nothing, The Pitch, Splitter Orchestra, The Magic I.D., Hotelgäste and Der Lange Schatten he performed in Europe, Japan, USA, Canada and Russia.

Apr 242018
Jul 18, 2018 | Wed | 18年07月18日 6:00 PM | 18時00分toAug 17, 2018 | Fri | 18年08月17日 5:00 PM | 17時00分

I called Summer to ask when she would arrive in Austria. She said she wouldn’t come. When I asked why she explained that the weather here was too terrible. Which made me decide to hold the Days of Fernweh & Fernwärme in July and August.
Highlight: a concert by Fernwärme on July 24 (in collaboration with KiG! Kultur in Graz)