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Apr 05, 2018 | Thu | 18年04月05日
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non empathetic, annoying, comfortable, honest, unemotional abstract celebration of nonsense since 12-12-12 (NNO action). Medicine for life boredom and isolation from the world. From dynamic to static as-loud-as-possible violence.


Riccardo La Foresta

Riccardo La Foresta is a drummer, percussionist and improviser that plays with a prepared bassdrum and move far away from drumming.

Among several extended techniques, he mainly uses a unique blowing technique through a self-made wind instrument obtained from a cymbal, treating the drum as a true wind instrument.

It’s called Drummophone and has been officially presented at Tempo Reale (founded by composer Luciano Berio).

Riccardo has played in italy, Swiss, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Holland, France and has collaborated with Axel Dörner, Le Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Otomo Yoshihide, Sho Shin Duo among many others.
He has recorded on lable such as Setola di Maiale Label, El Gallo Rojo, Troglosound and his music has been broadcasted in Italy, USA, Canada and England.
Active in Modena as a drum teacher and organizers of experimental concert he leads his own avantjazz quartet Kind Of Mosh and is half of Sho Shin Duo, long standing collaboration with reedist Riccardo Marogna.

Riccardo La Foresta on youtube