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Jun 11, 2018 | Mon | 18年06月11日
9:00 PM | 21時00分

Hiroshi Hasegawa

He was in the band named C.C.C.C. which was one of the biggest Japanese noise group.
Born in 1963, Hasegawa has begun his improvisation with his voice and drums. And in 1990, he made the group C.C.C.C. which’s concept was impovisative mass-noise with very loud sound. The group became legend with the members Mayuko Hino, Ryuichi Nagakubo, Fumio Kosakai.
Also he has begun his solo unit ASTRO with analog synthesizers in 1993 as well as playing in C.C.C.C.
Now he is actively playing and issuing and doing many collaboration with other artists. The artist who played together by now are Yamazki Maso, kawabata Makoto, Keiji Haino, Seiichi Yamamoto, Masaya Nakahara, Reiko.A, KK Null and many more. And there are released works beyond 50 titles.
His playing style is like drifting between the meditation and awakening state with electronics and still he is pursuing it.

Very interesting interview with Hiroshi Hasegawa

Manuel Knapp

Der Österreichische Alchemist Manuel Knapp ist aktiv in Komposition, Computeranimation, bildende Kunst und noch einiges mehr. Er tourte in Europa und Asien mit Schwerpunkt Japan, Tokio.
Immer fordernd und fokusiert bewegt er sich zwischen harsh noise, drones, melodien und frequenzen.
seine arbeiten sind archaisch und elementar; seine live-sets sensorische fluten, die uns augenblicklich einnehmen und unseren körper und unsere sinne direkt adressieren: radikal, herausfordernd und unausweichlich.
Manuel Knapp ist fixer Bestandteil der Underground Noise Szene in Tokyo wo er unter anderem mit Hiroshi Hasegawa und Rohco Hasegawa die legendäre Noise Formation C.C.C.C. unter dem neuen Namen „Cosmic Coincidence“ wiederbelebt hat.
Internationale Konzerte mit Hiroshi Hasegawa, Zbigniew Karkowski, Government Alpha, Tetsuo Furudate, Keiko Higuchi, Kelly Churko, Daniel Buess, Tim Blechmann, Christian Schiller, Robert Lisek, Cal Lyall uvm.

Infos und gratis downloads:

Now Sports

die musik der in graz ansässigen band spannt einen bogen von noise-lastiger elektronischer klangerzeugung über träge hip-hop-beats bis hin zu erinnerungen an ein kinderlied.
einflüsse von freejazz und trashmetal von gitarrist michl laab treffen auf weite räume und sphärische flächen eines modularsynthesizer, der sich mitunter auf minimalistische strukturen zurückzieht.
bedient wird das instrument von richie herbst, der auch dichtem breakbeatgewirr klänge beisteuert, die sich scheinbar auflösen und doch existieren.
reas am e-bass erzeugt sounds, die sowohl als „bass“ funktionieren, als auch durch verschiedene effekte verfremdete klangwelten ausloten.
rhythmisch versetzte loops von gitarre und bass, die sich überschneiden und durchdringen, lassen patterns entstehen, die stützen und verführen.
alles improvisiert, teils tanz, teils geräusch, entwickelt die musik einen sog, dem man sich gerne anvertraut.

Mar 022018
May 30, 2018 | Wed | 18年05月30日
9:00 PM | 21時00分

In the Sea

In the Sea is a family of instruments and a family of musicians. Their music is full of intimacy, sincerity, debate and conflict. They strive to create a new approach to the string trio music through collective improvisation, verbal instructions, traditional notation, and graphic scores.
Together they share the responsibility for the outcome of the music because of the actions they make during each performance.
In the Sea represents a homecoming for Tristan Honsinger who started improvising in Montreal more than forty years ago, prior to his move to Europe.

Tristan Honsinger (Berlin) is a singular artist : originally from Vermont, he has made his life in Europe and has worked with most first generation improvising artists. He has played extensively with Derek Bailey and Evan Parker in the UK; Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink in Holland; Peter Brotzman and Peter Kowald in Germany; and Cecil Taylor in the USA. Currently he regularly tours and gives workshops with the ICP orchestra.

Nicolas Caloia (Montreal) He has been a composer, performer and bandleader in Montreal since the early 1990s and has toured in North America,
Europe, and Asia. He has worked with musicians like Marshall Allen, Roscoe Mitchell, Joe McPhee, Steve Lacy, William Parker, Malcolm Goldstein, Lori Freedman, and Matana Roberts.

Joshua Zubot (Vancouver) came to age in Montreal leading the groups Subtle Lip Can, and Mendham. Some collaborations include projects with
Patrick Watson, William Parker, Pierre-Yves Martel, Michael Blake, Sam Shalabi, Myra Melford, Marshall Allen, Fred Frith, Matana Roberts, Jean Derome, Malcom Goldstein, and John Butcher.

In the Sea is touring in support of their new recording, released in May 2017 on the New Jersey label “Relative Pitch”. This string trio sounds fantastic, they have performed over 40 concerts in North America and Europe this past year.

Trio Giesriegl / Klement / Wurzwallner

Annette Giesriegl, vocals/electronics
Katharina Klement, piano/electronics
Patrick Wurzwallner, drums/percussion

Die drei MusikerInnen treffen zum ersten Mal in dieser Konstellation aufeinander, kennen sich bereits über das alle zwei Jahre stattfindende VNM_Festival in Graz.
Ihre individuell geschärften Spielweisen stammen aus den Bereichen Jazz, Rock, elektronische und experimentelle Musik, Komposition als auch freie Improvisation.
Man darf gespannt sein, was aus diesem Gemisch entstehen wird – Ohren auf!

Feb 172018
May 17, 2018 | Thu | 18年05月17日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Biliana Voutchkova

presenting her solo album Modus of Raw ​

A clutter of sound and imagery taking place in a micro-environment of a solo combining the sound of the violin and the voice.​ ​
Creating depths and abstractions, resonance and echo, expending the borders of the known.

„…Biliana Voutchkova strikes me as one of those profound and insightful artists who deals in silence, precision of thought, and a taut compacted mode of expression; only these taut-lipped approaches are suitable for the complex content she’s attempting to delineate, where there are clearly a lot of unknowns, and you need a degree of courage to get to the heart of the matter…” (The Sound Projector, Ed Pinsent)

Patrizia Oliva

Patrizia Oliva is a singer, autor, improviser of experimental music that crosses electronics, electro-acoustic, free jazz and performing arts. Her research is aimed on a redefinition of contemporary singer.
She has played with many musicians, among other with Gino Robair, Stefano Giust, Pamelia Kurstin, Edoardo Marraffa, Tommy Greenwood, Martin Mayes, Tristan Honsinger Linda Sharrock, Silvia Bolognesi, Alessandro Bosetti and many others.

Feb 092018
May 09, 2018 | Wed | 18年05月09日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

In Zusammenarbeit mit KiG! Kultur in Graz:

“The music of Portuguese songstress Rita Braga simultaneously summons the ghosts of Carmen Miranda and synth pioneers such as Delia Derbyshire and Bruce Haack. Her world is one of colours, exuding both the charm of a vintage cartoon character merrily bouncing along and the ominous melancholy of a lost kitten. Having toured all around the world for the best part of a decade, her shows which are both performative and visual will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a David Lynch movie from which you may not return.” (Paul Mangan, EurNoVision)
“I’ll just say that Rita Braga ‘Erosão’ is simply breathless, beautiful frosted chimes, it offers a dream dazed slice of wood crafted folk enchantment trading in a noir traced 60’s shimmering, think Mary Hopkins meets Seafina Steer and you’ll be as near to close as you can be.” (Mark Barton – The Sunday Experience)

“All way from Lisbon, Portugal comes Rita Braga. This charming and beautiful Ukulele queen with a voice of velvet plays a brilliant mishmash of sound. Combining Julee Cruise esque Lounge with a strange mix of folk ranging from Serbian, Hawaiian, and Appalachian Mountain music, Rita Braga’s sound is truly unique and refreshing.” (Chris Carlone)

“Rita’s career is a mishmash of everything – field recordings, analogue sounds, self-published material, internet radio, pirate webcasts, low-fi and soundcloud, home tapes of her singing over the sound of old records and broken old radios. Throughout she has been changing identities, leaving them behind like old clothes. She has collaborated with numerous musicians (such as Presidente Drogado), and forms bands in a jiffy. Original posters for her shows are usually made by well known graphic artists. She even claims that cartoon characters appear in her dreams, and give her “career” advice.. (…)” (Dragan Kremer, Vreme magazine, Serbia)

Feb 032018
May 03, 2018 | Thu | 18年05月03日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


CocoonCrash is a project of an Austrian musician, composer, and performer Daniela Fischer.
It is based on the idea of transformation and on the premise that the only constant source of life is movement.
The violin is used as a sound generator, analogous to a synthesizer, engaging in an electro-acoustic dialogue with the change itself.
Analog and digital effects are used as translators of the acoustic sound of the violin.
The sounds overlap to form patterns, motifs, melodic and rhythmic structures that are then developed in various ways.
The actual outcome reflects that everything is constantly in motion and is always slowly morphing into something new.
This makes space for other artists to join in, react and/or transform themselves, intensify the experience and open it up for the listener to be perceived from another’s perspective.
The cocoon symbolizes the process of transformation taking place invisibly from the inside until the crash breaks our perceptions to create our perspectives and reveals new forms.

Jakob Schauer

Jakob Schauer and MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) is a vienna based audiovisual artist duo. In october 2017, they started performing together in the field of drone, experimental music and generative visuals. Using complex algorithms, Schauer creates layers of sound in variable moods in tonal and atonal ways. Essls fully generative, algorithmically created imagery oscillates between fluid, organic textures and rigid structures. Together, the two artists create highly immersive audiovisual universes that aim to fully envelop audiences in sound and image.

Jakob Schauer und MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) sind ein audiovisuelles Künstlerduo aus Wien. Seit Oktober 2017 treten sie gemeinsam im Bereich Drone, experimentelle Musik und generative Visuals auf. Unter Benützung von komplexen Algortithmen erzeugt Schauer vielschichten, sowohl tonalen als auch atonalen Sound in verschiedenen Stimmungen. Essls gänzlich generative, algorithmisch erzeugte Bildwelt oszilliert zwischen fließenden, organischen Texturen und harten, geometrischen Strukturen. Gemeinsam erzeugen die beiden Künstler höchst immersive, audiovisuelle Universen die darauf abzielen, das Publikum zur Gänze in Klang und Bild einzutauchen.