Jun 142017
Sep 14, 2017 | Thu | 17年09月14日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Takkiduda records various sounds in real time, and make music by overlapping sounds in improvisation from Japan.
We mix Music, Image projection and Dance improvised.
We use voice, electric guitar, synthesizer, laptop, keyboard harmonica, small musical instruments, toy, enviromental sounds from our life and nature, and more.
Our performances are different each time we are on stage. We play what we feel in the moment led by our instincts, allowing the sounds to layer and harmonize.
Our hope is to have you sit back and experience the sounds naturally turning into music.


Jun 212017
Sep 21, 2017 | Thu | 17年09月21日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

New music for zither and clarinet

Zicla is a project by duo Lan Cao (VN) – Gregor Siedl (AT) with electro-acoustic compositions and composed improvisations for prepared zither, clarinet and electronics.

Clarinet and zither are commonly known for folk music across the globe. Using these two instruments in a new syntax evokes a familiar and at the same time foreign environment.

The clarinet’s composed pitch and noise structures interweave with particular sounds from the extended zither creating an unusual imaginary space, introspective moods, abstract microtonal dialogues and intriguing sound textures.


GO ASK ALICE ist ein 2015 formiertes Trio aus Wien, Basel und Luzern.
Die drei jungen MusikerInnen Anna Hirsch (voc, electronics), Judith Schwarz (drums) und Jul Dillier (piano) machen ihren Namen zum Programm und nehmen die improvisierte Musik als grossen Spielplatz in Beschlag.
Aus pulsierenden Klangwogen lassen sie groovende Geflechte erwachsen, hinter elektrisch knisternden Soundlandschaften schimmert plötzlich ein Kinderlied hervor.

Das Wechselspiel zwischen akustischen und elektronischen Klängen prägt dabei ihren Sound. Loops des zuvor improvisierten Materials lassen die Band in den Dialog mit sich selber treten und erzeugen eine eigene Art von Interplay und Performance.


Jul 052017
Oct 05, 2017 | Thu | 17年10月05日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Backspace is one of the most original groups on the Polish improvised music stage. The band was formed in 2013. Musicians successfully combine the acoustic sound of the accordion and electric violin with the possibilities of modern technology. Dialogue, interaction, improvisation, live sampling and the creative use of computer software (Ableton Live), electronic effects, and even everyday objects helped to create unique sound and unique musical language team. In music, the group finds inspiration for both symphonic music, minimalism, “Tintinnabuli” style through new Nordic jazz, to the ambient, electro and house. “The integration of instruments with electronics allows us to create a sound that would be impossible to obtain on acoustic instruments – it gives us a huge range of colours, with which we can express emotions, build the atmosphere and space, open the door to new and previously unknown areas of music. We devote ourselves to improvisation – each new sound tells us what will be next – we make music “here and now”, so that every concert could take the form of an extraordinary and unique music performance ”
What inspires us is: the nature, city, machine, man, space, view, experiences, memories, uniqueness and everyday life, the Aborigines’ music, the German techno stage and abstract expressionism.



Oswaldovi is a czechoitalian duo formed by Andrea Rottin and Kateřina Malá. Two voices, electric guitar, basic drums. Their sound is a blend of psychedelic rock, tuareg blues, South European folklore and spaghetti western soundtracks.
Opening the concert they propose a projection of a work by Scentographers, an attempt to play, record and store memories of odor in digital videos.
Oswaldovi are going to present you their newest work Songs About Persecution, recorded by Petr Hromadka out in September 2017 with images and graphics by Sali Ertunc

Andrea Rottin – voice, guitar, tambourine
Katerina Mala – voice, floor tom, snare, cowbells cymbals, keyboard



Since the dawn of the first galaxies the voice of MORKOBOT resounded solemn over the saturated atmospheres of the planets in evolution. Dominator of the magnetic strengths and ancestral regulator of the conscience flows, Morkobot has returned to the Earth through his three messengers LIN,LAN,LON brutally subdued to his will. On our planet MORKOBOT manifests himself through sonic experimentations that humans call music. Morkobot pervades the darkened minds of LIN,LAN,LON conducting their notes in sadistic consequential deliriums. come to feed you with the supreme verb!


Jul 192017
Oct 19, 2017 | Thu | 17年10月19日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Karl Bjorå (NO) – Guitar & electronics
Signe Emmeluth (DK) – Alto saxophone & electronics

In a cinematic room in which the sounds seem to be moving around inside your head, an uncertainty about where the sounds are coming from occurs.
The freely improvising duo Owl organically blends the acoustic sounds from the alto saxophone with the electric sounds from the electric guitar, contact microphones, and other electronics.
Their free play with preparations as well as the sense of space and depth display the duo’s influences by noise, minimalism and free improvisation.


kauders ist das Solo-Projekt des Grazer Musikers Gottfried Krienzer. Hier erlaubt er sich all die Dinge, die bei seinen Band-Projekten nicht durchgehen, das bedeutet manchmal schamloses Pathos, manchmal das Verlassen der Pfade des guten Geschmacks, manchmal aber auch störrische Konzept-Treue. Zur Präsentation eines Werkes eher der letzteren Kategorie (kauders: In Another Land part I, GOD Records) gibt es eine Live-Performance die weder zu einer der obigen Kategorien passen, noch mit der Platte irgendwas zu tun haben wird. Der gelernte Gitarrist kauders spielt diesmal so etwas ähnliches wie ein Schlagzeug und zwar in vermutlich zumindest teilweiser Überschneidung mit Helmut Kaplan, der ebenfalls eine Platte zu präsentieren hat und auch so etwas ähnliches wie ein Schlagzeug spielt. Brrrrrr.


Aug 032017
Nov 03, 2017 | Fri | 17年11月03日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Rotterdam from Vienna: acoustic instruments receive treatments with socks, credit cards and set squares, creating perfect textures marrying dissonant acoustics with electronic sounds. Interlocking rhythms in endless loops keep time suspended. Like through a looking glass, the focus is on the detail. Inspired by club music, Rotterdam create something entirely new: danceable man-machine-music between minimal and Krautrock, post-techno, humor and hypnosis.

Susanne Amann: cello, flute, electronics
Michael Klauser: acoustic guitar, tuba, electronics

The Album “Gizicki”
With their new release “Gizicki” Rotterdam continues their sonic explorations of the magic formula of difference and repetition. The Viennese duo (Susanne Amann – cello & electronics; Michael Klauser – guitar, tuba & electronics) masterfully balances mathematical precision and dynamic instrumental play. “Gizicki” evokes monotone dances, mantric recitatives and undulant sound clusters: anti-climactic, mechanic, de-emotionalised as if it were the ceremonial music of a machine cult. Rotterdam succeed in setting free the immersive, hypnotic potential of repetitive loops, while training our senses. For what appears on surface as mechanical, machine-like, and indeed, non-human forces closer attention to the diversity of tone colours and the dynamics shades of the acoustic instruments recorded live. The subtle nuances of strumming, bowing, tapping and plucking as well as the overtones keep the tension. “Gizicki” is a sparse and airy sound construction: a piece of sober ecstasy, fractal intensity and acoustic loop-archeology between proto-techno, skeletonised krautrock, early American minimal music and asketic rite, whose utopian impetus is to exploit the man/ machine dichotomy aesthetically. (Shilla Strelka)


Aug 042017
Nov 04, 2017 | Sat | 17年11月04日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

The Cimi Schulz Show

Ist eine Fusion von zwei Personen aus unterschiedlichen künstlerischen Bereichen.
Der Musiker Christoph Schulz, bekannt durch seine einzigartige Interpretation der Maultrommel und Cimi Czimek, bildende Künstlerin mit Hang zu performativen Rauminstallationen, vereinen sich zu einem Crossover aus den unterschiedlichsten Maultrommeln, diversen Blasinstrumenten (vom Kinderspielzeug bis zur Klarinette) Gedichtgesängen und Frisörfönen. Das dritte Bandmitglied Hr. Herbert, seines Zeichens maschineller Repetitor, loopt die Klangwelten und erzeugt somit wiederkehrende Grundelemente auf denen das Duo ihre Show aufbaut.
Das Resultat ist eine skurrile Promenade in Zweierconference, die Konventionen hinter sich lässt, dem Experimentaldilettantismus im wörtlichen Sinne des Amateurs frönt und sich freudvoll-poetisch unterschiedlichster Genres bedient. Die selbst geschriebenen Lieder werden französischen Gondolieri, der Personifikation von Kreisverkehren oder auch Seitenblicke- Zitaten von Reinhold Messner gewidmet. Hr. Schulz und Madame Cimi stehen zur Leichtigkeit des Seins, für das Sein ohne unnötige Perfektion und zu ihren natürlichen Kunstfiguren.


Aug 162017
Nov 16, 2017 | Thu | 17年11月16日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Ilia Belorukov & Lauri Hyvärinen

Ilia Belorukov (Saint-Petersburg) – alto saxophone or fluteophone, objects, electronics
Lauri Hyvärinen (Helsinki) – acoustic or electric guitar, effect pedals, objects

Ilia Belorukov and Lauri Hyvärinen met in 2012 at a jam session in Helsinki, a starting point for their long-term friendship and work. Together they played with a variety of musicians before starting their duo. Starting from free improvisation traditions and continuing with quiet contemporary composition, the musicians now approach their music from a more compositional point of view, carefully choosing each sound they produce. The range of sounds used is very wide, from using the surfaces of acoustic instruments such as saxophone or guitar to pick up sounds, to feedback in effect pedals chain or software/hardware modular synthesizer. The duo has several releases on Pan Y Rosas Discos (USA), Rypistellyt Levyt (FI) and Spina!Rec (RU) labels. They will be on their first big tour in November 2017 after some smaller ones in Finland, Russia and Baltic States.