Jul 062016
Oct 06, 2016 | Thu | 16年10月06日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Le Pot

Le Pot liefert den Sound von morgen: vom minimalen Lebenszeichen über polyrhythmische Verschachtelungen bis zum wuchtigen Klanggebäude improvisiert sich das Quartett in die Apokalypse oder den Tag danach. Mit dem letzten Strom erzeugte Signale, Drohnenhall oder Sience-fiction-Geraun, die vier Musiker generieren einen Sound, der eine neue Raumzeit schafft: die Erfahrung der letzten Tage der Menschheit oder der Aufbruch in eine Zone, die einem näher ist, als man denkt: Neuronenfeuer, der Draht zur Innerlichkeit. Und über allem, wie blaue Lichtpunkte, die Trompete.
(Christine Pfammatter)


Slow Slow Loris

Slow Slow Loris is an experimental/avant-garde melodic noise-music duo based in Berlin, Germany; a collaboration of ANY and G6PD.  Using voice and electronic devices, they reveal the melody within the discord.
“The slow loris species is considered vulnerable or endangered. They are believed to be the gatekeepers for the heavens and are used in traditional medicine to ward off evil but a slow lori`s life is not a happy one, for it is continually seeing ghosts; thats is why it hides its face in its hands.”
 Slow Slow Loris played their debut show at the Schlagstrom Festival 2014 and is part of its compilation CD. As well as playing several shows in the Berlin underground scene, they made a brief but well-received US east cost tour, played several European cities, and recently finished a US west coast tour. They just released their first Slow Slow Loris album, From Monster till Mourning on Staaltape. Both ANY and G6PD have a long history of touring, recording and performing…
“An epic, sweeping live performance using vocal melodies, samples, various instruments, live looping and multiple pedal chains to coax the music out of the noise. They enter raw emotional imagination to give the nuances of one`s subconscious permission to come forth…a sensitive blend of raw meeting craft and music meeting noise, reaching a wide range of audiences and venues from clubs and festival stages to concert halls and art galleries.”



Viola Falb – Saxophone
Bernd Satzinger – Synthesizer, Electronics

In der Musik von “FS:eins” sind Entschleunigung und Reduktion bestimmende Kriterien: Aus live gesampelten und prozessierten Saxofonklängen sowie solchen aus der Synthesizer-Retorte entstehen aparte Soundscapes zwischen Abstraktion und Sinnlichkeit. Akustische, elektroakustische und elektronische Klänge überlagern sich in kompakten Strukturen von kühler Klarheit mit überraschenden Details.


Jul 202016
Oct 20, 2016 | Thu | 16年10月20日
8:00 PM | 20時00分


Robin Hayward – microtonal tuba
Elena Kakaliagou – horn
Hilary Jeffery – trombone

Zinc & Copper is a trio of horn, trombone and microtonal tuba distinguished by its innovative approach. Emerging from the current musical vortex of Berlin and having played at many of the major festivals there, including Maerz Musik, Club Transmediale and the Kontraklang series, Zinc & Copper has established itself as a pioneering voice of 21st Century music.

Drawing on their experience in leading ensembles such as Arnold Dreyblatts’s Orchestra of Excited Strings, CC Hennix’ Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage and Reinhold Friedl’s zeitkratzer, each musician is a recognised virtuoso, distinguished by their creative musical abilities.

For the “Well Tuned Brass” tour in October 2016, Zinc & Copper bring new work to audiences in Austria and Italy, based on their exploration of tuning systems, language articulation and improvisation. Central to their programme is Robin Hayward´s new composition “Words of Paradise”.

This tour sets the stage for Zinc & Copper’s activities in 2017, featuring premieres of new work by Ellen Arkbro, Amir ElSaffar and Eliane Radigue.


Aug 032016
Nov 03, 2016 | Thu | 16年11月03日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Couscous & Boris Hauf „Eisen“

The audiovisual group Couscous has found a soul mate in noise, chaos and harmony in the internationally active improv musician Boris Hauf. “Eisen” is the continuation of their collaboration, starting with the 2013 release “Trans”. The bluntness and creativity of how Couscous intermingle musical aspects of different cultures is enriched by the alliance with this powerful horn player. Hauf’s baritone saxophone sound combined with his detailed and blissfully fractured approach to melody mixes surprisingly well with the off-balanced and angular sound Couscous has built.

Joyfully and almost indiscernibly Couscous and Hauf experiment with genres, exotic and self-made musical instruments. A turkish Saz uninhibitedly takes center stage, while industrial sound textures get counterbalanced with a fierce percussion and a slightly passive-aggressive guitar. A sea of trombones, saxophones and clarinets, piano clusters and a stubborn bass form a billowing and saturated foundation for this musical bazar. The quintet actively blurs boundaries, alternates arrangements with collective improvisation, and lightheartedly throws musical curveballs to unhinge the narrowly defined euro-centric approach to contemporary music.

Past cooperations with Damo Suzuki, Thollem McDonas, Ulrike Hager with Warszawski Teatr Tańca, Martin Zeplichal, Sebastian Six, Marina Marsilio etc.

Martin Max Offenhuber (Kreisky): baglama-saz, bass synthesizer, ektar, ghosttubes.
Thomas Binder-Reisinger (David Lipp & die Liebe): guitar, guzli.
Ralph Wakolbinger (Die Buben im Pelz, Aber das Leben lebt, The Maybe Men): drums / percussion.
Andreas Ledl (Hard-Chor): bassguitar, clarinet.
Boris Hauf (Efzeg, Peeled Eye, Next Delusion, Boris Hauf Sextett u.v.m.) baritone sax, piano.

Martin Max Offenhuber „Couscous“, pumpkin records, 2006
Couscous, „Trans“, pumpkin records, 2013
Couscous & Boris Hauf “Eisen” noise appeal records ab 24.10.2016


Aug 042016
Nov 04, 2016 | Fri | 16年11月04日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Patrizia Ferrara

Ihr Name ist Programm. Sie hat ein italienisches Temperament und eine österreichische Seele – ist doch ihr Vater aus Sizilien und Ihre Mutter aus Kärnten. Ihre Karriere als Sängerin führte Sie auch für mehrere Jahre in die USA, nach Los Angeles und New York und so singt und spricht sie in 3 Sprachen perfekt: Deutsch, Italienisch und Englisch.

Sie war vielfach mit vielen Künstlern musikalisch tätig (u.a. mit John Heard, Dean Bowman, Vinx, John Cale (The Velvet Underground), Danny Grissett, Lonnie Plaxico, Kyle Eastwood, Geri Schuller, Célia Mara, DJ DSL, Urbs (G-Stone Records the label of Kruder and Dorfmeister), John Sass, Stereotyp (G-Stone Records), Al Haka, Annekei, Marcos Vigio, and Jorge Amorim., Sertab Erener (Gewinnerin Eurovision song contest 2003), Jon Sass (Ray Anderson, Boston Symphony Brass, David Murry), Chester C. Washington (Earth, Wind and Fire), Rudi Wilfer, Fred Eisler, DJ Cut-EX, DSL, Urbs (G-Stone Records the label of Kruder and Dorfmeister), Al Haka, und dem grossen und leider schon verstorbenen österreichische Performance- und Multimedîapoet Christian Ide Hintze) und ist nun seit einigen Jahren als Frontfrau künstlerisch tätig.

Ihre 2. CD Produktion ist eben fertiggestellt und die ersten Konzerte geplant. Während Ihre erste Produktion in den USA entstanden ist, spielte Sie diese neue Aufnahmen komplett in Österreich mit Ihrer Band ein.


Aug 052016
Nov 05, 2016 | Sat | 16年11月05日
8:00 PM | 20時00分

Jooklo Duo & Mette Rasmussen

“Blowing minds all over the world since 2004 with hundreds of charming performances and some cult records, Jooklo Duo (Virginia Genta on reeds, flutes, piano, percussion and David Vanzan on drums) keeps spreading their powerful and uniquely vibrant sound, deeply rooted in free jazz avant-garde but heavily influenced by traditional folk music, and at the same time open to extreme sound experiments. 
Over the years the perpetual research for new and challenging combinations has led Genta and Vanzan to form a large variety of ensembles and to collaborate with artists as Bill Nace, Chris Corsano, Thurston Moore, Dror Feiler, Dylan Nyoukis, Hartmut Geerken, Makoto Kawabata, John Edwards, Mette Rasmussen and many others.
The duo has also been working with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company alongside John Paul Jones and Takehisa Kosugi, performing for “Nearly Ninety” in main theatres in Madrid and London, and has also been a long time favourite of emblematic figures such as Henry Rollins and Sonic Youth and magazine The Wire.”
“Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophone player based in Trondheim, Norway. She works in the field of improvised music, drawing from a wide range of influences, spanning free jazz to textural soundwork. Rasmussen works on exploring the natural rawness of her instrument – experimenting on what the saxophone is capable of in sound and expression, with and without preparations. Much in demand, she has performed with the likes of Alan Silva, Chris Corsano, Ståle Liavik Solberg, and with her Trio Riot group with Sam Andreae and David Meier.”