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Mar 03, 2016 | Thu | 16年03月03日
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Yes Deer

Yes Deer is the sound of an organism of bodies in motion, cells in ecstasy, and collective physical momentum. The music is meant to hit the libido before the intellect and to throw the listener into an adrenalized state of abstract head banging.
Yes Deer has arrived at a way of making music that, derived from improvisation, now is more of a collective physical ritual and a ceremony of chaos. And their latest album, Get your glitter jacket, is an attempted condensation of its current output.
Since 2011 the multi-Scandinavian band has been touring in most parts of Europe at both clubs, squats and festivals, and in 2014 they released their debut album “The Talk Of Tennis” through Gaffer records. For the new album, Gaffer Records has joined forces with the Copenhagen based label Insula Music and the French label BeCoq records.

Fragments of an Empire

Das mittlerweile sechköpfige Kollektiv bezeugt ihre eigene Liebe zur Musik in verschiedensten Facetten. Zwischen schwerem Drone und zeitgenössischer Musik, zwischen treibendem Postrock und Jazz spannt sich der musikalische Bogen, baut Spannung auf, hält den Atem an um uns dann mit Getöse um die Ohren geknallt zu werden! Zeter und Mordio! fragments of an empire!

Christoph Ogiermann

Werkstätte „šre-iha´k“
Die neuen Arbeiten sind performative Lesungen aus der Sammlung šre-iha´k mit und ohne Körpereinsatz, mit und ohne Elektronik.
Dazwischen seltsame Formungen beharrlicher Violinstücke.
Diesmal dabei: MAXSTÜCKTEXT aus der Sammlung „seltene Textsorten/eingebildete Musiken“

Geboren 1967. Beginnt 1990 auf Anregung von Erwin Koch-Raphael zu komponieren, schreibt seither Musik. Mitarbeit bei Tanz- und Theaterprojekten in Bremen, Berlin und Düsseldorf. Tätigkeit als Rezitator, Sänger; Geiger und Pianist in den Bereichen Freie Improvisation und europäische Kunstmusiken.

Abschluß des Kompositionsstudiums an der Hochschule für Künste Bremen bei Younghi Pagh-Paan im Winter 1999/2000. Weitere wichtige musikalische und philosophische Studien bei Georges Nicolas Wolff und Nicolas Schalz.

Winter 1999/2000 Aufenthalt im Archivio Luigi Nono/Venedig
2002 Gastdozent für Komposition und Improvisation in Pitea/Schweden.
Gastkomponist am Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik Graz.
2003 Gastkomponist im Studio für Elektronische Musik der Technischen Universität Berlin.
2004 Stipendiat der Heinrich Stobel Stiftung Freiburg i. Br.
2005/2006 Stipendiat der Cité des Artes, Paris
2007 Zwillingsvater
2008 Einladungen als Dozent für Komposition und Elektronik nach Edingurgh und Queretaro
2009 Gast der Akademie Schloss Solitude
2011 Preisträger Kompositionswettbewerb “ad libitum”
der Winfried Böhler Kulturstiftung
Lehrauftrag “Musikalische Performance” der Universität Hildesheim
2012 Kunstpreis der Akademie der Künste Berlin (Musik)
2015 Auswahl Kompositionswettbewerb “ad libitum”
der Winfried Böhler Kulturstiftung

Mitbegründer des Ensembles KLANK
Mitglied und künstlerischer Leiter der projektgruppe neue musik bremen.
Gründer und Künstlerischer Leiter der Reihe REM für elektronische Musik

lebt in Bremen

Dec 172015
Mar 17, 2016 | Thu | 16年03月17日
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Rita Braga

(Lisbon, 1985) is a singer, performer and multi-instrumentalist (ukulele, banjolele, piano, synths). She performs solo and sometimes collaboratively an unusual repertoire of songs in over ten languages, and well as original compositions and soundtracks.
She has also a background in the visual arts, doing illustration and animation, and a degree in Music Sciences.
For the past ten years she has performed across Europe, the US and in Brazil in numerous underground venues, art galleries and festivals.
In 2011 she released her critically acclaimed debut album “Cherries That Went To The Police” (produced by Bernardo Devlin) after 3 CD-Rs with low-fi home recordings. Her latest self-released work is the EP “Gringo in São Paulo” (2015) and is comprised of original songs written and recorded while living in Brazil.
She’s had many live collaborations with artists as different in style as Bernardo Devlin, Borts Minorts, Nik Phelps, Felix Kubin, Dorit Chrysler, Uni and Her Ukelele, Amanda Jo Williams, Victor Coyote or The Legendary Tigerman. Since 2008 she started a long distance collaboration with Chris Carlone as “Chips and Salsa”, with whom she has toured in the US and Portugal.
Rita Braga is also the founder of the label and events producer operation SOL 69. She draws inspiration from dreams, from the city where she lives (currently Porto), 1930’s cartoons, Billy Wilder’s cinema and cosmic divas such as MM, Violetta Villas, Carmen Miranda, Marika Rokk, Annikki Tähti or Esma Redzepova.

Jan 072016
Apr 07, 2016 | Thu | 16年04月07日
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Patrizia Oliva

Patrizia Oliva is using mainly the voice as an instrument, in addition to various electronic instruments, Bawu, flute, objects, bells,and no computer. Her live set is pure free improvisation, except sometimes she use for small electronic parts that she have pre-recorded, on which, however sudden. Her research – which she uses only a marginal elements of the folk tradition – is aimed at a redefinition of contemporary solo singer; Her performance is also gestural and transcendental. She work on radical and experimental music and the research is not standardized. She is interested to crystallize moments as if they were to become carpet sound of pure noise and melodies. Improvising is not no-composition, it’s just that everything happens in that one moment it is instantaneous composition. What leads her to make music today is try to be conscious expression of the cosmos.


I O I O I is Cristiana F solo project since 2003.
By devoting all her life to the investigation of Life mystery, the italian outsider, bordeline composer and improviser I O I O I lets music pointing to the Source by the means of its own Sonic tension.
She has been performing here and there in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Russia. Her set is mostly focused on guitar which is explored through spectral approach, electroacustic noise attitude and ethnical suggestions. I O I O I ‘s guitar is caressed as a meeting of strings, metals and woods, as a possibility for acousmatic openings and personal paths for resonance and expression.